Ties That Bind – NaBloPoMo

February at NaBloPoMo.com is the month of ties. No, not those uncomfortable contraptions men slap around their necks... at least I don't think it's those. More like the ties that surround us as people: ties to other people, ties to places, ties to the supernatural... that kind of thing. Of course if anyone decides to … Continue reading Ties That Bind – NaBloPoMo


Marital Bliss #1 – Compromise

Mid 2009, I put up a couple of posts about what I termed 'marital bliss'. These were issues which confronted me as I got ready for marriage. Now that I have been married some months, I went back to the posts to read some of them and discovered that they are still very relevant, not … Continue reading Marital Bliss #1 – Compromise