Motherhood – So Ready (Not) (via the reservoir)

I was browsing through some old posts and came across this. Oh the things we wish we knew! Lol. But I was right in a way. Motherhood does take a LOT out of you. My neighbours' 3 year old son is haunting me. For some reason, he decided to fall in love with me and … Continue reading Motherhood – So Ready (Not) (via the reservoir)


It’s all about HIM – Prov. 31:29 (via Being Mrs. V)

We are doing a study of Proverbs 31 over at and this devotion really spoke to my heart. Living a life of submission to God's will is what sets one person apart from another. I didn't intend to do this write-up today, but something happened to me earlier this evening, which I just knew was … Continue reading It’s all about HIM – Prov. 31:29 (via Being Mrs. V)

Choir Practice: My Journey to Commitment

I applied to join the choir at my church and after an audition, I was accepted. This is a big deal for me because choirs and I...we are not really best of friends. This has nothing to do with the choir per se and everything to do with me. But I'll get to that later. … Continue reading Choir Practice: My Journey to Commitment


Being a Mum: Swimming in the Deep End

At the end of the day, past mid-night, exhausted from a day that seemed to be one stress-packed event, it is now time to relax and unwind. Listen to Earl Klugh and take the time to catch up on blogging or maybe read a good book. Life is supposed to be prefect like that right? … Continue reading Being a Mum: Swimming in the Deep End


When God Seems So Far

Living with a baby is an adventure. Like every adventure, it is fraught with uncertainty, fear, sleepless nights and incredible moments. We never know just what to expect. Though, expecting something different each day seems to work for us. As she grows everyday though, I begin to see myself unravel in her. I am not … Continue reading When God Seems So Far


Building My Confidence

I had to lose my 'self' anything so that I could gain a Christ-confidence and Christ-esteem. LOL. Imagine that. So now, my confidence and esteem will not be so much centered around my abilities or my thoughts about myself but more about HIS abilities and whom HE says I am. Wow. It is slow but … Continue reading Building My Confidence