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One in a Million by Priscilla Shirer

In her latest book, Priscilla Shirer explores the plight of the Israelites through the wilderness and encourages Christians to stop limiting their faith to hearing God’s promises on Sunday mornings. She challenges readers to actually listen and make a conscious effort to experience God’s miracles in their day-to-day life.

The book examines our heart condition as we go through life as Christians. Her writing was both honest and emotional and made me search my own heart and my motivation in walking with God. My relationship with God came under a lot of questioning and scrutiny.

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Shattered by Frank Pastore

Shattered is an autobiography or a memoir of Frank Pastore, a former professional baseball pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds. Although it is a coming of age story, in so many ways it is also a great love story. A story of the enduring love between Frank and Gina, a story of how the love of baseball brought a sort of redemption and a greater love story of how the love of Christ can change the identity of a man.

Raised in an abusive home environment, Frank was the awkward geek-child in school. He suffered humiliation from his peers and neglect from his mother. Baseball was more than just a sport, it was the passion which gave him a sense of belonging and an identity.

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Sleep. It Does A Family Good

Author: Dr. Archibald D. Hart

Publishers: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
This book was received free of charge from the Tyndale Blog Network. They requested a review in return for the book.

Sleep, It Does A Family Good by Dr. Archibald D. Hart takes readers on a voyage of discovery. It contains what you need to know about sleep; your sleep cycle and how sleep affects your family.

He started with a convincing argument on why the family needs sleep and went on to detail what sleep does for a person. He identified five stages of sleep and tied the importance of sleep to the health of the body.

Sleep has its patterns and those patterns can quite easily be interfered with. One of such disruptions for instance, is jetlag. However, Dr. Hart mentioned six ways to restore the body’s clock and these are:

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A Multi-Site Church Road Trip

Authors: Geoff Surrat, Greg Ligon & Warren Bird

Publishers: Zondervan, 1 edition (October 1, 2009)

I received the book, A Multi-Site Church Road Trip free from Zondervan and they asked for a review.

A Multi-Site Church Road Trip by Geoff Surrat, Greg Ligon and Warren Bird is a book which examines the journey towards the Multi-Site Church. It follows the route traveled by several Churches and focuses on what worked for them and what did not work.

The book explores several ways of evangelism or Church planting and takes the time to distinguish between a Church with multi sites and a Church of multi sites. This difference seems to be relevant in that it affects the whole structure of the Church. A good example was the New Hope Christian Fellowship in Honolulu, which opened different campuses on different Islands. Their approach was varied; some of the campuses achieved full independent status while others remained tied to the mother Church. In contrast was the Little Rock Bible Church, Arkansas, which had three campuses located in the same Church premises.

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I Will Not Be Broken by Jerry White

From a leader of the Nobel Peace Prize-winning movement to ban landmines and founder of Survivor Corps comes an astoundingly effective guide to recreating a happy and fulfilling life after catastrophe strikes-a book that Bob and Lee Woodruff call “a road map for the individual and their family to re-enter the land of the living.” In I WILL NOT BE BROKEN, Jerry White reframes the question “why do bad things happen to good people?” and asks, given that bad things do happen, how do people absorb the blows and move through them?

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Divine by Karen Kingsbury

Divine, awe inspiring and humbling.

I just finished reading the book, Divine by Karen Kingsbury (Tyndale Fiction, 2006). It was a fantastic read. A page turner from the first. It follows the lives of two young women, actually… it unravels the life of one amazing woman, Mary Madison, through the circumstance of the second.

Mary Madison, a modern day parallel to Mary magdalene of Bible times, is a woman who went through the most brutal and soul destroying abuse as a child and rose above it all to become one of the most powerful women in America.

Then again, Divine could also be seen as a story of one man’s undying love for a little girl as she clung to him, let him go, broke his heart and found him again. It is the story of how every single aspect of a person’s life, yes, even the brutal and negative ones, can be tenderly and masterfully woven in to a wonderful tapestry of victorious and vibrant living.

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