What Are Your Addictions: BMV Blog

At the BMV blog, we are doing a series of Bible Studies based on Proverbs 31. So if you are wondering where I am, you can find me there. I did the last post on verses 5 & 6 of the chapter. I know, what does Proverbs 31 have to do with addictions right? Well, … Continue reading What Are Your Addictions: BMV Blog


Know Thyself: Own Thy Hurt

The Greeks, those great philosophers, have a saying; know thyself. There is nothing more suitable towards self knowledge than objective introspection, which is what the Love Dares afford. Each dare acts like a sandpapering process, peeling away the known surface to reveal a previously unknown layer beneath. And in a situation where some festering has occurred, you … Continue reading Know Thyself: Own Thy Hurt