Being a Mum: Swimming in the Deep End

At the end of the day, past mid-night, exhausted from a day that seemed to be one stress-packed event, it is now time to relax and unwind. Listen to Earl Klugh and take the time to catch up on blogging or maybe read a good book. Life is supposed to be prefect like that right? Wrong.

When you have a little baby in the house, life is just a roller coaster of exhaustion. It rolls over you in exhausting waves which never seem to let up. You are tired, your head is throbbing and it feels like a truck just went over your back. Worse, the baby that should have been sleeping is screaming her head off (though I’m not sure the word scream is correct, she does sound something like a trumpet).

If you are a mum, what do you do to catch a breath. An no, I’m not talking babysitters. If you are a stay at home mum without the option of babysitting, how do you manage? I desperately feel out of my depth here.


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