Stress Control

I choose not to allow unnecessary stress to control me. I deserve peace. I let go of unnecessary stress in my life to make way for peace. I deserve peace and recognize its value for my health, productivity and relationships. I consciously embrace peace when I find myself facing stressors and I refuse to waste … Continue reading Stress Control


Flip Your Switch!

I keep wondering how many things in life simply flow naturally, maybe springs and waterfalls (perhaps!!!). More often than not, we are necessitated to put things in motion. Quite frankly, your vehicle engine will not move of its own accord, it requires the user to get it started. Whether by voice recognition or some other … Continue reading Flip Your Switch!

A Story About Motivation by Peter Bregman

Delance the chic watch makers twitted this article yesterday and I found a read that made my day. The article was written by Peter Bregman for the Harvard Business Review. Peter Bregman is the CEO of Bregman Partners, Inc. a global management consulting firm and his focus is on leadership. This article was on motivation. … Continue reading A Story About Motivation by Peter Bregman