A Lover Or A What?

No, I do not mean the kissing type (that is the luh-vah); well, there's that I guess and it has its advantages. But I am talking more about the state of heart which is usually possessed by the Lover. Fact: Not every one who is in love is a lover. Lovers are those who find it … Continue reading A Lover Or A What?


Pay It Forward

I got this from Sheryl at We Are Not Alone. The gist of this is I am going to post a gift through snail mail to the first three people who leave a comment on this post! I am supposed to have 365 days to send the gifts. I guess that reduces the pressure, but … Continue reading Pay It Forward

Missions Matter – Bloggy Giveaway!

Patty at Patterings is having a bloggy giveaway to celeberate her 40th birthday. It is very missions-based...that is right down my alley as I am an MK (Missionary Kid) therefore I am definitely IN! If you would like to try, check out her blog. I'll begin work on my blogpost for the giveaway. And Oh … Continue reading Missions Matter – Bloggy Giveaway!


Christian bloggers on facebook

If you are on Facebook, there are some groups you might be interested in being a part of. I discovered them and I have really had fun. . .  The first is the Christian Women Online facebook group. I joined this group not too long ago and I've 'met' quite a number of spectacular women … Continue reading Christian bloggers on facebook


Fresh Air for Life

I live in a city; Port Harcourt is known as the oil capital of Nigeria and it is a crushed over populated city. I am a country girl. My best memories of growing up are rocks, trees, streams and outdoors. I miss that here. But the important thing is that I have a full cache of … Continue reading Fresh Air for Life


How old???

Bloghopping, which is a great pasttime of mine, I came across this fun test from Blogthings on the blog, Going Goofy (It is a great blog by the way...lot's of encouragement). Anyway, I took the test and was horrified by the results. OK. Maybe 'horrified' is too strong but if that test is to be … Continue reading How old???