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June 11, 2010

A Lover Or A What?

No, I do not mean the kissing type (that is the luh-vah); well, there’s that I guess and it has its advantages. But I am talking more about the state of heart which is usually possessed by the Lover. Fact: Not every one who is in love is a lover.

Lovers are those who find it easy to love and to open up their hearts and emotions to the object (or subject, whichever) or their love. They experience things on a higher emotional level and have a deeper connection with the right side of their brain.

Because of this emotional-ness of the lover, it is often thought, fallaciously, that women are generally lovers. I beg to differ. More and more men are getting in touch with their emotions these days and even those who were emotional in private are finally coming out of the closet. Besides, there are cynical women and those who tend to over-rationalize things.

What is the aim of this rambling? My Spiritual Profile. Yep. Two years ago I did a test on a site to find out what my spiritual profile was. According to the test results, I was a Lover. I blogged about it. So I went back again to see if somehow, maybe through a change in environment or a change in weather perhaps, I might have evolved to say, a Thinker? Nope…still a Lover. Which is OK I suppose, as I love being  one. They describe Lovers as

people who naturally connect with the Holy One through their emotions.They feel deeply that no matter what they do or do not do, they are held safely in the embrace of God’s love. They focus on the generosity, mercy, and compassion of God and believe that even when judgment or justice seems called for, God’s response is one of tenderness. They seek to relate with the Holy One through inner reflection. They tend to be more emotional in their prayer and in reading the signs of God’s presence. If they were to meet God face to face, they would want to open themselves completely to God’s intoxicating love and show their love in return.

All these from 10 questions. And they were right, I am an emotional person. True, I try my best to hide that aspect of myself from others (blame it on conditioning) but it is there. I find it hard to pray without crying…God’s love overwhelms me.

But that is just one aspect of the human character. Because I connect with God emotionally, I used to look at people who didn’t and wonder what was wrong with them. I knew rationally, that there is no right or wrong way of connecting with God but because I come from a family of Lovers (who are so emotional about God) I just naturally assumed that was how it was supposed to be.

However, the test reveals some other profiles such as Companions who they said naturally connect with the Holy One through their relationships with others. Or Thinkers who connect with God through the use of their intellect. Thinkers especially, find it hard to relate to God through emotions and affections. There are other profiles like the Mavericks (I like that one), who are not afraid to stand out. Whether they understand their faith or not, they are ready to act it out and take action regardless of the consequences. There are the Believers and the Seekers too.

The test does not seek to stereotype anyone. We are told to think of the questions as the first mark on a canvas, which traces the edges of our spiritual lives and how we relate to God. We are told that

…this quiz also reminds us that we are all works in progress, that portraits begun in black and white come alive when we add color. We need space to change and grow, and ways to help us fill out our lives and move ever closer to the Holy.

Thus, your responses are not simply conclusions, they are beginning points for new discoveries, brilliant adventures and fruitful growth. In answering these 10 Questions, you can both discern more clearly who you are, and discover new avenues for God’s creative spirit to work within you.

So, are you a lover or what? If you are interested, click here to take the test. Me, I am a Lover – Not a fighter.

February 2, 2009

Pay It Forward

pay-it-forwardI got this from Sheryl at We Are Not Alone. The gist of this is I am going to post a gift through snail mail to the first three people who leave a comment on this post! I am supposed to have 365 days to send the gifts. I guess that reduces the pressure, but like Sheryl, I know the time frame will be much less.

Consider this, I am posting all the way from Nigeria in West Africa, so it is bound to be something exciting at least.

Once you leave your comment, I’ll contact you for your postal address through email.

However there is a caveat, if you are not willing to put this on your blog and give gifts to three people, then don’t play. Simplicita.

So go ahead, drop a comment and share the love!

October 8, 2008

Missions Matter – Bloggy Giveaway!

Patty at Patterings is having a bloggy giveaway to celeberate her 40th birthday. It is very missions-based…that is right down my alley as I am an MK (Missionary Kid) therefore I am definitely IN! If you would like to try, check out her blog. I’ll begin work on my blogpost for the giveaway. And Oh Yeah…! She’s giving away 2 books by Isobel Khun – but you really should check her blog, especially this blogpost.

July 20, 2008

Christian bloggers on facebook

If you are on Facebook, there are some groups you might be interested in being a part of. I discovered them and I have really had fun. . .  The first is the Christian Women Online facebook group.

I joined this group not too long ago and I’ve ‘met’ quite a number of spectacular women already. If you are on facebook, just click on the link below and join up! And if you are not on facebook yet, beautiful! Simply click here and sign up.

Here’s what they said in the info about the group:

“We’re a group of women who have one thing in common–we love Jesus!” 

WARNING: If you are a really busy woman who is already having trouble keeping up with everyday life and virtual life, please consider staying away from FB altogether – it really can be time consuming.


CWO FaceBook Group



*     *     *


Another really lovely group is the Christian Bloggers Network created by Andrew Jackson. In his words, the purpose of the group –

“…is to connect, share life and information, and coordinate activities and events

It is more or less a blogroll according to region and country. You will discover some really fantastic sites there.

So hurry up and join up!


If you know of any more groups on facebook that might be interesting or beneficial, please drop a comment and leave the link. Thanks.

July 16, 2008

Fresh Air for Life

I live in a city; Port Harcourt is known as the oil capital of Nigeria and it is a crushed over populated city. I am a country girl. My best memories of growing up are rocks, trees, streams and outdoors. I miss that here. But the important thing is that I have a full cache of memories. Not all children are as fortunate.

New York City is one of the most fashionable cities in the world. I haven’t been myself but I have watched a lot of movies. With it’s fashionable 5th Avenue and the distinguished SoHo, it is easy to think that NYC is all glam and multimillion dollar deals. But right in the same city, there are communities whose residents can barely afford the necessities of life. These are low income communities.

The Fresh Air Fund, an independent, not-for-profit agency, has provided free summer vacations to more than 1.7 million New York City children from low-income communities since 1877. This is the Fresh Air Fund Friendly Town Programme. The over all aim is to give a child a summer to treasure.

It is amazing that this has been going on since 1877 and I only just heard of them a few weeks ago. Quietly and with devotion, the Fresh Air Fund has been giving hope to thousands of children. Reverend Willard Parsons had the dream of giving the young children of New York’s low income communities a break from the hot crowded city to the country side. Over 100 years later, his dream has taken on a life of its own.

What is the world going to say about you 130 years from now? Does your life count for anything? These are questions I asked myself as I read about Reverend Parsons and the Fresh Air Fund. We all go through this life, but do we leave our marks behind? In the next century, no is going to care how ambitious I was or who I was in love with; what will ring will be how I affected humanity positively.

The question now is what you and I can do today. I have decided that I am going to leave my mark in the world. In the meantime, the Fresh Air Fund needs our help. There are over 200 children scheduled for Fresh Air trips this summer who still don’t have where to go. They need you to host them or find people willing to be hosts!

Here’s what you can do to help:


  • Volunteer to take a chid in;
  • Blog about it;
  • Tell your friends;
  • Recommend someone;
  • Donate

Give those kids a summer to remember!

For more information check here.
July 14, 2008

How old???

Bloghopping, which is a great pasttime of mine, I came across this fun test from Blogthings on the blog, Going Goofy (It is a great blog by the way…lot’s of encouragement). Anyway, I took the test and was horrified by the results. OK. Maybe ‘horrified’ is too strong but if that test is to be believed, I am acting exactly my age! How fantastic is that? Feel free to check it out.

You Act Like You Are 26 Years Old

You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel like an adult, and you’re optimistic about life.

You feel excited about what’s to come… love, work, and new experiences. 

You’re still figuring out your place in the world and how you want your life to shape up.

The world is full of possibilities, and you can’t wait to explore many of them.