Christian bloggers on facebook

If you are on Facebook, there are some groups you might be interested in being a part of. I discovered them and I have really had fun. . .  The first is the Christian Women Online facebook group.

I joined this group not too long ago and I’ve ‘met’ quite a number of spectacular women already. If you are on facebook, just click on the link below and join up! And if you are not on facebook yet, beautiful! Simply click here and sign up.

Here’s what they said in the info about the group:

“We’re a group of women who have one thing in common–we love Jesus!” 

WARNING: If you are a really busy woman who is already having trouble keeping up with everyday life and virtual life, please consider staying away from FB altogether – it really can be time consuming.


CWO FaceBook Group



*     *     *


Another really lovely group is the Christian Bloggers Network created by Andrew Jackson. In his words, the purpose of the group –

“…is to connect, share life and information, and coordinate activities and events

It is more or less a blogroll according to region and country. You will discover some really fantastic sites there.

So hurry up and join up!


If you know of any more groups on facebook that might be interesting or beneficial, please drop a comment and leave the link. Thanks.


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