Swallow by Seffi Atta

INTRODUCTION Kachifo Limited, the publishers of Farafina Magazine and Farafina books, are proud to announce the release of an affordable, paperback edition of Sefi Atta's new novel Swallow in Nigeria. Swallow can be found in all major bookshops. SYNOPSIS Swallow is the story of two friends Tolani and Rose; working class girls from entirely different … Continue reading Swallow by Seffi Atta


What Does Time Mean to You

I FORGET THAT TIME IS A HUMAN INVENTION. We often hear the phrase before time. It would be just as accurate to say, before humans felt the need to quantify, to become more efficient, to maximize profits, to duplicate their efforts and move away from instinct. Have you ever said, I'm hungry, only to follow … Continue reading What Does Time Mean to You