I am a Woman – Where is My Vote?

From Day 1, Iran’s women stood in the vanguard. Their voices from rooftops were loudest, and their defiance in the streets boldest. Iran’s Second Sex By ROGER COHEN Published: June 27, 2009 I am a woman, so it would be right to say that I am affected by what is happening in Iran. This is … Continue reading I am a Woman – Where is My Vote?


Something For The Week

When a man, either by hurting or by pleasing his woman, tries to control her, he is a Mama's Boy who believes he gets his power from the women in his life. When a woman, either by serving or dominating her man, tries to take care of him, she is a Daddy's Girl who believes … Continue reading Something For The Week

Marital Bliss: Who Do You Talk To?

I got a lot of honest, down-to-earth and useful responses from my last Marital Bliss post, responses that reminded me why keeping this blog is definitely worth the effort. With such Counselors, I've decided to bring another issue forward (preparing myself mentally and emotionally to enter that state). Who do you talk to about your … Continue reading Marital Bliss: Who Do You Talk To?