Tags – More about Me

I got tagged some time ago by HisFirefly; I've been saving this post and I think today is just right! The rules are pretty straight forward; I have to list 5 things about me in 5 categories. So here goes! 10 Years Ago I was a teenager I had just finished Secondary School (High School) … Continue reading Tags – More about Me


10 Things Tuesday on Wednesday

I have not participated in a long while and I've really wanted to because I have so much to be thankful for. However, work has made my online life almost impossible. Good health: Not too long ago, I struggled with asthma, but since I moved back home, I've not had even a semi attack. That … Continue reading 10 Things Tuesday on Wednesday

Exploring Nigeria – He Took It On The Road…

"I felt like some National geographic correspondent on a fact-finding mission. We climbed rocks, crossed dangerous bridges, got chased by cattle, ran into goats and sank our feet in marshy soil." A few weeks ago, I hosted a friend who decided to take some time off and explore some tourist attractions in the Northern region … Continue reading Exploring Nigeria – He Took It On The Road…