10 Things Tuesday on Wednesday

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday

I have not participated in a long while and I’ve really wanted to because I have so much to be thankful for. However, work has made my online life almost impossible.

Good health: Not too long ago, I struggled with asthma, but since I moved back home, I’ve not had even a semi attack. That is a miracle I thank God for every single day.

My Family: These are very special people to me and for some reason, after years of not being at home at the same time, this last month we’ve all been home together. It’s amazing and I’m grateful for this opportunity to spend time with the people I love the most in this world, with the exception of my sweetheart of course.

My Sweetheart: He completes me. I know it’s a strange thing to say of a man one is not yet even married to, but it is the honest truth. I came down to Port Harcourt so that we could spend some time together and it’s been wonderful. Imagine being able to pray with a guy and it’s not corny??? I know!

Fulfilling Work: The decision to return home and work on the mission field was not an easy one, but it was worth it. The work never seems to finish and it’s endless. As I said in a mail to a blogging friend, running the Mission Guest House, I am manager, house keeper, cook, chamber maid, whatever you can think of because I have only one other staff. But you know what? I am so fulfilled that I can’t wait to get back to work.

Old Friends: I have two BFFs. One spent a month with me and she’s coming back to volunteer for short term service on the Missions Base. We were room mates at the University and it would be fun seeing each other regularly. The second BFF is already married but we still quarrel and make up. I can’t imagine my life without my old friends…who would I carry out my mischief with??

New Friends: I caught up with a pretty young lady who had been commenting on this blog for some time. She spent time with me at my new apartment and has decided to come back for two months to teach at the Mission Primary School which caters to the local children around.

Air Conditioning: I’m in Port Harcourt and the weather is a dramatic contrast from that of Jos, where I have relocated to. While in Jos, I bundle up with 2 sweaters and a Jacket, underneath a blanket and a duvet, in Port Harcourt I’m mostly clad in denim shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt. Quite dramatic I’ll tell you. So on this hot day in Port Harcourt, I’m particularly thankful for air conditioning.

The Internet: This goes without saying. I’m glad I can finally catch up with all my friends and spend hours on end on facebook, Yipee!

My Other Blog: Oh yes, I run a professional blog on wordpress. Or at least it was on wordpress until I finally acquired a domain name, hosted on bluehost. So feel free to check me out at http://www.thenigerianlawyer.com.

God’s Provision: Like I said, I’m doing volunteer work and so I don’t get paid a salary per se. I do get paid an allowance every month, but that is barely enough to hold body and soul together. Or it would have been barely enough if not that for some reason, God always provides what I need, when I need it. It’s fantastic!
So that’s it for ‘Ten Things Tuesday’. It is kindly hosted by the lovely Mrs Brownstone. Thanks Jill for this opportunity.


5 thoughts on “10 Things Tuesday on Wednesday

  1. Thank you so much. I always love hearing from you and it is my dearest hope that one day I’ll be playing hostess to you and your sweetheart.

  2. Hi Meridith, I tried to link back to your website but it’s your email there. Would really have loved to read about you. Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend!

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