Women On The Edge

I have been reading this book, Women on The Edge by Deborah Meroff. It was first published by Authentic Media, as True Grit: Women Taking On the World, for God’s Sake. It is the story of women who have braved the odds to take the love of God to the frontier… to places that are war torn, riddled with hunger and diseases.

I’m only half way through, but I am awed and humbled by stories of women like Tammy Koh, who came from a broken home but still used her business degree and courage to serve God in the Himalayas. Or Pam Olson who with her husband, gave up everything to set up a relief mission in war torn Tajikistan. She went through bouts of dysnetery, urinary tract infections, skin allergies, bronchitis, hepatitis, gall stones, pneumonia and food poisoning but she still did not give up. She saw all the challenges as opportunities to trust God for his purposes to be worked out.

As a child, I knew of the Operation Mobilization ministry and of their ships. We had some missionaries on secondment to one of the ships (I can’t remember which). When the second ship was acquired, it was like a personal triumph for my family because we prayed and prayed for these brave people who were obeying the call of the Lord on their lives. Logos and Doulos have been part of my growing up life, as familiar to me as the on and off friends I made. So it is a wonderful thing to read about people like Joy Yorba who worked on Logos II; what this means is that my family probably prayed for her! It is an awe inspiring thought.

Deborah Meroff tells the stories which would have gone untold. I am grateful to her that we have this examples of these women to follow. There are a great many others that we probably would never read about, not unless there are other Deborah Meroffs out there, who take it upon themselves to tell the stories.

Women On the Edge or True Grit: Women Taking On the World, for God’s Sake, is a beautifully written book, complete with Vital Statistics of the countries these women worked in. It is worth every drop of ink it is written in.


2 thoughts on “Women On The Edge

  1. It’s always so neat to hear how others are serving God–it’s encouraging and inspiring all in one. This sounds like a great book! Thanks so much for sharing it with me! (and for helping me celebrate!)

  2. Hey Patty, you are welcome! 100 million copies of the book are being distributed by George Verwer, the founder of OM on the OM website so you might enter for a copy. Happy Birthday in advance!

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