Marital Bliss: Harmony in Marriage?

I have heard it said that marriage ruins a really good relationship. It sounds like a funny thing to say but when closely scrutinized, one cannot help but think, maybe they have a point. Beautiful relationships progressively go south when faced with the daily reality of emptying trash and sharing bills. Add dirty diapers into … Continue reading Marital Bliss: Harmony in Marriage?

Marital Bliss #2 – The Confidant

This is the second in the Marital Bliss Series. It is also a repost (Read the original posts and comments here). Marital Bliss posts consist of questions which bothered me as a soon-to-be-married woman and now, as a newlywed. Please feel free to post comments as I’m looking for wisdom, afterall: 14Where no counsel is, … Continue reading Marital Bliss #2 – The Confidant

Marital Bliss: Who Do You Talk To?

I got a lot of honest, down-to-earth and useful responses from my last Marital Bliss post, responses that reminded me why keeping this blog is definitely worth the effort. With such Counselors, I’ve decided to bring another issue forward (preparing myself mentally and emotionally to enter that state). Who do you talk to about your … Continue reading Marital Bliss: Who Do You Talk To?