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March 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday ~ Celebrating A Life Well Lived

The last thing I feel like doing today is putting up a Thankful Thursday post. Not that I don’t have things to be thankful about, but I have not been feeling very thankful this week.

At the beginning of the week I got news about the death of a really good friend. Actually, he was my dad’s friend but he was also mine. He was like a father to me and took interest in what went on in my life. He was the one I could talk to when my dad was being difficult.

He had been valiantly fighting cancer for a couple of years now. The harrowing thing about cancer was that it actually looked as though he was winning the fight. He would get better for months and then go into remission. I lived in a different country so I did not have to face the daily annihilation of hope like his wife did. Still, my family and I along with so many other children of God across the globe kept a prayer vigil for him. But he still died.

That is what I cannot understand. This man was a child of God; yes I know, children of God pass through sorrow too. But he devoted a great portion of his life to God and ministry. His whole life was one of service to God. If you run a poll of how many lives he touched, the polling agent would be overwhelmed. That was how he was… He was not a perfect man, far from it. But he was a man who inspired love and devotion from those who knew him. How could he just go like that? Barely in his 60s??

I am confused. I know he was not afraid of going, if anything he probably looked forward to it. So despite my heavy heart and teary eyes, I still want to say Thank you to God for a life well lived. I am thankful

  1. For the privilege of knowing such a man
  2. For the impact he had in my life
  3. For the life he lived
  4. For Christ who has made it possible for us to meet again – someday.

February 28, 2010

Marriage Monday is Just Around the Corner!

This month, by special request our group topic is “Prayer in Marriage.” Please join us for Marriage Monday on Mar. 1, 2010. You’re free to approach this subject any way you wish. Give your entry a titleand let the Spirit lead you as you write.

A Few Writing Suggestions

It’s no secret that many couples have difficulty praying together. Men, especially, can be uncomfortable expressing their intimate spiritual thoughts. What have you learned to that helps you both to break through those barriers?

Consider sharing your experience in one or more of these areas…

• When do you pray as a couple
• Frequency of prayer
• Why you don’t pray
• Answers to your prayers
• Prayer partners for your marriage
• Praying for your children
• Rewards of praying together
• Prayer for your husband’s salvation

…and so on. Maybe you would simply prefer to post a prayer instead.

Please Bring a Friend

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February 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday – My Duvet

This month, Thankful Thursday is being hosted by Iris and her topic was Daily Blessings. It’s funny because as I was planning my TT post in my head, what I was really thankful for was my new duvet.

See, when I left my country, I left with only one suitcase and there’s just so much one can pack in one suitcase. This was a bit hard for me because I was coming to set up house and I had nothing to set up house with. It was like I was starting afresh. . . well, I guess I was starting afresh.

So I moved into my new apartment, which is cozy by the way and proceeded to settle down gradually. Only problem was I was not sleeping well. Malaysia is hot. Maybe not as hot as some parts of Nigeria but I did not live in those parts. So anyway, I sleep with the air-conditioning. But because I had no duvet, I’d wake up in the middle of the night shivering and switch off the ac. Or increase the temperature. Then after a few hours, I’d have to wake up to switch it back on or decrease the temperature again. Needless to say, it made for a very unsound sleep.

Well, just last week my brother bought me a lovely maroon duvet – makes my room feel so valentine-ish. Each morning when I wake up, there’s a smile on my face and I murmur thank you Lord for my duvet. It has made a lot of difference to my sleeping and this Thursday, it is one ‘daily blessing’ I am especially thankful for. And of course, I am thankful for my brother. This is one of the times when family ties are just what a girl needs.

He spread out a cloud as a covering,
and a fire to give light at night. (Psalm 105:39, NIV)

If you would like to share your thankful heart, join us at Iris‘.

February 2, 2010

How to Celebrate February 14 Every Day of the Year

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I am newly married so I’m not sure I should even be writing this list. It’s just that even at a few months old, we have some rituals that work for us and maybe if I document them here, when I start to feel that the symphony is jarring, I can come back to recapture some of the stuff we used to do.

This is the topic over at Marriage Monday “How to Celebrate February 14 Every Day of the Year”. Too often we tend to take our loved ones, especially the one we are married to for granted 364 days a year (if it is not a leap year) and only remember to say ‘I love You’ one day – the 14th.

Marriage should be the love affair of a lifetime. Yes, I know what you are thinking… you’re probably saying to yourself don’t worry dear, you are still at that stage; it will wear off. And maybe you are right. But I choose to not let my love wear off. I know it is not going to be easy; I know there will probably be times I will look at my husband and wonder what defect of the brain made me think I could live with him. But that is okay. Through the grace of God, the love we have for each other will overcome all that. I know that because I watched my parents work at what they have and it is beautiful to behold. It is usually in the little things.

There are some little things we do that make us feel like we a living a year of February 14s and I will list some of them below. If you have some rituals of yours, which make your marriage ‘sing like a well-tuned violin’ then be sure to join the rest of us here.

  • Talk: We do that a lot. We take out time each evening to just talk and catch up on our day. While we were dating, we made an agreement to be honest about our feelings and thoughts to each other and it was liberating. There is something about talking to someone you know will not judge you – even if that person disagrees with what you are saying or even tries to correct you. You know this person loves you and has your back. Even though right now we are at opposite ends of the world, we still look forward to our daily talks together. It is lovely because as his day is ending, mine is just beginning.
  • Holding Hands: We do quite a lot of that.

    Or rather he does. I am not really one for holding hands, it does not usually occur to me. But when we are strolling, or in a group with people, or anywhere, dh has this way of just reaching for my hands that makes me feel special.

  • Text Messages: This one is my forte. During the day I send him little text messages telling how much I love him. If he is around me somewhere, I send notes via bluetooth. He does not say much, but I know he loves them because he noticed when I did not send any.
  • Snuggle: This is usually at the weekends; Saturday or Sunday before Church. We snuggle under the bed covers and dream and plan. It makes me feel like I’m part of something good.
  • Dance/Walk: Yes, we both love to dance and to walk. Well, he loves to walk and I love to stroll. The dancing is mostly spontaneous; he walks in the door and something nice is playing and he pulls me to my feet and we do a few steps. It’s lovely, it’s romantic. Not the dancing per se, but having something we can both enjoy.
  • Be Involved: Now I have discovered that this is very important. I have this way of getting ‘occupied’ with my world that does not involve my husband – novels, crocheting and internet (especially blogging). But he does not let that deter him, he involves himself. When I’m reading a novel he wants to know what it’s about and share a joke with me when I laugh. He know all my friends even my blogging friends and made friends with most of them. He reads my blog and lets me know what he thinks and is interested when I am crocheting. He hasn’t asked to learn yet though. In return, I am very involved in his life. When he is writing something for work, I help in editing… Basically, we try not to alienate the other with our activities. It takes work but I am up for it.
  • Words of Affirmation: Well, that’s what it’s called but I prefer the term encouragement. He likes to tell me when he loves something I do and I never fail to let him know that I’m proud of him. This is not optional, the Bible commands it!
“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up,
just as in fact you are doing.”
(1 Thessalonians 5:11)

So that’s it. A short list, I know… but we have several years yet to build on it. If you have any to add, please leave a comment or better yet do up your own list on your blog and hook up to Marriage Monday.

God bless!

January 31, 2010

Ties That Bind – NaBloPoMo

February at is the month of ties. No, not those uncomfortable contraptions men slap around their necks… at least I don’t think it’s those. More like the ties that surround us as people: ties to other people, ties to places, ties to the supernatural… that kind of thing. Of course if anyone decides to blog about the neck ties, I don’t think it would be disallowed.

TIES. This theme is really apt for me because I have had to cut some old ties, make new ones and stretch others still. Yet one of the most important ties I have made has been with my husband. So it is quite appropriate in February, the ‘month of love’  to be blogging about ties.

1st Monday Every Month at ChrysalisIn the same vein, tomorrow is Marriage Monday. I have always wanted to participate in this meme but it’s for married folks. Well guess what? I’m one of ’em now…lol. This month, it’s going to have the romance factor (naturally). As e-mom writes:

This month, your challenge is to share how you and your husband make each and every day of your marriage special. What are your daily relationship rituals? How do you nurture the “us” factor? Tell us the big or little things that make your marriage sing like a fine-tuned violin. A few examples:

      • Casual chats
      • Kissing
      • Private jokes
      • Rehearsed phrases
      • Body language
      • Shared activities
      • Favorite foods
      • Division of chores
      • Intimacy signals

Your entry doesn’t need to be fancy, clever, or very long. Just speak from your heart.

So that’s it! When you are done, go back to e-mom‘s and leave a link to your post so the rest of us may come visit.

July 19, 2009

Something for the Week – Seeking Rest

Steps of Faith

  • Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28 (NLT)

Lately I’ve been feeling so tired and I can’t even explain why. I am trusting the Lord to renew me in my inner man. This week, I am trusting God for rest; I don’t know how possible that is going to be because this week I am away from home trying to get new clients for my blogging business. Things look promising but it’s going to be a lot of hard work. That’s why it has to be the a miracle from God. He can do anything. When I was at school I used to pray that He double (and even triple) the hours I had to sleep. I don’t know how to be specific this time around but I’ll just trust him to keep renewing me.
For the curious: I’m still doing the 30 Day Neatness challenge and strangely it’s no longer stressful for me. I don’t even need to have my cup of coffee first – imagine!

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