Priscilla Shirer – One in a Million: Book Review

Title: “One in a Million”

Author: Priscilla Shirer

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group

Publisher website:

Book website:

Category: Christian

Date of publication: March 2010

ISBN-13: 978-0-8054-6476-4


In her latest book, Priscilla Shirer explores the plight of the Israelites through the wilderness and encourages Christians to stop limiting their faith to hearing God’s promises on Sunday mornings. She challenges readers to actually listen and make a conscious effort to experience God’s miracles in their day-to-day life.

About the Author

Priscilla Shirer, the daughter of well-known author and pastor Dr. Tony Evans, currently resides in Dallas, Texas, with her husband and their three sons. One of today’s most popular Christian speakers, she appears regularly with Beth Moore and Kay Arthur at Deeper Still conferences. She holds a master’s degree in biblical studies from Dallas Theological Seminary.

My Thoughts

‘One in a Million’ by Priscilla Shirer explored the journey of the Israelites from Egypt to the crossing of the Jordan River and in the process, gave a parallel exploration of the Christian journey and the many phases encountered.

It takes the reader step by step, from the parting of the read sea, to the meeting with God at Mount Sinai right through to Kardesh-barnea which she termed the ‘Oasis of Complacency’, so named because it was an Oasis where the Israelited decided to camp and roam around even though it was so close to the Promised Land.

The book examines our heart condition as we go through life as Christians. Her writing was both honest and emotional and made me search my own heart and my motivation in walking with God. My relationship with God came under a lot of questioning and scrutiny.

If you find yourself getting to a false start, do not let it discourage you. Keep at it. I found that I almost gave up reading the book in the first few chapters; it dragged a bit. But I kept at it and soon, it became almost impossible to drop. Yet, ‘One in a Million’ is not fast food; it certainly isn’t a fare to be rushed. Many times after reading something particularly thought provoking, I had to drop the book and just ponder. To get the most of this book, you need to take it bite size.

I found myself very reluctant to get to the end of the book because it did feel like I was on a journey with Ms Shirer. Her style was so personalised and the use of personal examples from her own life spoke loudest.

I definitely plan on reading this book again and again. It is a spark of revival which starts deep within the heart of the reader.

If I am to rate this book, I will give it 5 stars *****

Disclaimer: This book was given to me free of charge by the Publicists. I was under no obligation to give a good review


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