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February at NaBloPoMo.com is the month of ties. No, not those uncomfortable contraptions men slap around their necks… at least I don’t think it’s those. More like the ties that surround us as people: ties to other people, ties to places, ties to the supernatural… that kind of thing. Of course if anyone decides to blog about the neck ties, I don’t think it would be disallowed.

TIES. This theme is really apt for me because I have had to cut some old ties, make new ones and stretch others still. Yet one of the most important ties I have made has been with my husband. So it is quite appropriate in February, the ‘month of love’  to be blogging about ties.

1st Monday Every Month at ChrysalisIn the same vein, tomorrow is Marriage Monday. I have always wanted to participate in this meme but it’s for married folks. Well guess what? I’m one of ’em now…lol. This month, it’s going to have the romance factor (naturally). As e-mom writes:

This month, your challenge is to share how you and your husband make each and every day of your marriage special. What are your daily relationship rituals? How do you nurture the “us” factor? Tell us the big or little things that make your marriage sing like a fine-tuned violin. A few examples:

      • Casual chats
      • Kissing
      • Private jokes
      • Rehearsed phrases
      • Body language
      • Shared activities
      • Favorite foods
      • Division of chores
      • Intimacy signals

Your entry doesn’t need to be fancy, clever, or very long. Just speak from your heart.

So that’s it! When you are done, go back to e-mom‘s and leave a link to your post so the rest of us may come visit.


One thought on “Ties That Bind – NaBloPoMo

  1. Hi Sharon,

    I hope you’ll join us for Marriag Monday today. Thanks for the shout out!



    (Adding your blog to the blogroll now. :~D)

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