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October 27, 2010

We’ve Moved!

Sharon's New Home

After much planning and restructuring, the reservoir has now moved homes. We now have our own domain and we’ve moved to a self hosted site. Searching the web, I discovered that ‘reservoir’ was taken so I tried ‘the reservoir’ and guess what? Yep, you guessed right. Taken! What is even funny is that it was taken after I started this blog. Like I’ll pay more than what a domain name should cost for that. Ish. So anyway, I got my creative juices to work (not that it needed that much juice) and came up with a new name. Click the picture above to visit my new home.

Thank you for keeping up with me as I’ve blogged my way through life. I look forward to ‘seeing’ you all at the other end – that is, the other blog 😉