Recently I’ve noticed that there have been quite a number of clicks on the About page of this blog and so I felt it only fair that I write a bit about myself.

My name is Sharon though I am generally called Sha; I am a 28 year old wife, daughter, granddaughter, sister, cousin, niece, fiancée and friend. But all those are just appellations and do not really describe who I am except that they go to show that I have a reasonable family life.

First of all and more importantly, I am a Christian. I gave my life over to Christ when I was four years old. Many people have tried to prove to me over the years that I could not have known what I was doing therefore, my conversion could not have been genuine. (I wonder if that was said of Beethoven). Anyway, that is neither here nor there. The fact is I am a Christian; I have had cause to rededicate my life again, but the Lord has been gracious.

I am an MK who grew up a TCK on a Missions Base. My parents were (still are) both missionaries. They decided to give up their time and a paid job to telling others about the love of Jesus. That is what makes me a Missionary Kid (MK).

Most of us Mks are TCKs that is, Third Culture Kids. Our parents come from a different cultural background than the one we are raised in. As a result, we end up fashioning for ourselves, an eclectic culture, which is neither that of our parents, nor that of the geographical location in which we are raised but instead, a fusion of both and others (TV, Internet).

In that case, I guess most of you reading this are TCKs. Subscribing neither to the cultural orientation you were brought up in, nor to the one in which you find yourself and so you are forced to create your own dynamic and unique culture. Unique is good.

As a result of my mixed upbringing, I have found it very easy to relate with people regardless of their ethnicity. One of my early perceptions of myself was that people talked to me. It did not seem to matter that they were decades older than I was, they just found it easy to pour out their woes into my ears. Then I also realised certain things about me:

  • I loved making people feel better; not just about the present circumstances they found themselves in, but about their lives in general.
  • I possessed a certain wisdom about people, I seemed to know exactly where it hurt and how to help (not that I apply it in my own life).
  • People trusted me!

It was all incredible but there it was. And that is how I got into counselling. I was a counsellor at summer camps, an informal counsellor at university and in everyday life. I found myself counselling teenagers, my peers and even those much older than I was. As a result, I started writing little encouraging articles and poems for notice boards and bulletins and just for people. I wanted people to see themselves as their Creator meant for them to be and to allow Him to make them into that.

So after over ten years of counselling, I decided to take my ministry a bit further, to the world of cyberspace and the reservoir was born.

This blog is a pool of articles from several sources all tailored to offer encouragement through the daily struggles we face, both as Christians and non-Christians. But more than that, the reservoir is a platform through which all who seek encouragement may also offer the same. However I would like to place a caveat; I AM NOT A COUNSELOR or a professional adviser. The opinions expressed here are solely mine and are to be taken as that: My Opinion!

Well, that’s it about me and about this blog. I commend you if you kept reading till this point. I sincerely apologise for the length of this, when I started out I thought I would just write a paragraph or two and be done with it but… It is my hope you will find the stuff here useful and encouraging and what’s more, that you will take this opportunity to bless people with your words.




20 thoughts on “About

  1. Sharon,

    You said, “I possessed a certain wisdom about people, I seemed to know exactly where it hurt and how to help (not that I apply it in my own life).
    My Dear Little Sister…this is a prophetic “gifting” from the Lord. This level of discernment is not of you…it is the Lord allowing you to “see” through His eyes.

    Your words echo my own heart. I thought everyone was able to “see” like this. I used to just ‘blurt’ things out. It did not occur to me that it was the Lord allowing me to “see”. It took some growth and maturity in Him, to help “season” me in this gift.

    Praise The Lord!


  2. wao! i just stumbled ( accident? nothing happens by chance i say !! ) on this, this am on a new month. The Lord does a new thing each day in our lives, his name be praised.
    very inspiring and motivating as well, i must say.
    keep it up my dear Sha and thanks to Doug for sharing his story.

  3. It’s good to know u found ur gifting early enough n have since turned it into a passion…If u read my story “My Walk with the Father”, u’d have noted I also have a passion for mentoring teenage girls n young ladies…that also resulted from me discovering that people “talked” to me, even people of my age bracket…so it’s good to know we have something in common…weldone Sharon, n thks for coming by my blog…cheers.

  4. Hello Sharon, I stumbled on ur blog while going thru a friends blog. And wen i read this about page the name struck me as familiar even though we hv neva met. U r doing a great job out here kip it up and my regards to Mr B.

  5. Hey Bunmi, thank you so much for dropping a comment. Wish you left a link or something … you uplifted my spirit. God bless you!

  6. @ Justdoyin, thank you so much for stopping by. It’s wonderful to know we have this in common, who knows what else we’ll discover if we check? I look forward to getting to know you better. God bless!

  7. You are such a blessing!!
    Always remember this ……greater greater doors are openning for you and many shall be blessed because of u.

    Your talent is florishing!

    Keep it up.

    U are blessed and highly favoured!

    1. Hi Brenda, just noticed I did not reply your comment – forgive me. Thank you so much for the encouragement. You did not leave a link so I guess you are not a blogger. I hope you have visited recently though…God bless you!

  8. Hi,
    I hope you are still blogging. I was wondering if you can help me find a quote. It is about seeing yourself as a reservoir for God rather than a cup. It speaks of how you don’t ever have to worry about becoming completely drained because God calls us not to fill ourselves but to become a conduit or channel of His love that will keep flowing in as long as we recognize His inflow and keep it clear. Do you know of this quote? I thought it was a famous french philosopher but I sure can’t find it.
    Thanks for helping if you can.

  9. I am away from my library, but I think the quote you want is from a sermon by one of the very early church fathers (Clement, perhaps) to the effect that we are meant to be conduits and not reservoirs of God’s love. Al Newhall, retired United Methodist pastor)

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