Strangers at My Door

There is a reason why you are told, never, Never, NEVER open your door to strangers and it is not always because they might be potential serial killers – though there’s that. But you could find yourself unknowingly playing host(ess) to a cast of loony toons.

Or at least that is what I found myself doing on that fateful day (remnants of Nollywood…that fateful day 🙂 ). We were having lunch when the doorbell rang. As I was closest to the door, I elected to open it. We have a Close Circuit camera; did I use it? Oh no. I had to go open the door.

I saw these two people standing outside my door. A guy and a girl. The girl help a portable DVD player while the guy had this backpack on him. They looked normal enough. They introduced themselves and said they were Korean students studying in Malaysia.

Oh students…I immediately smiled (I mean, I was once one right?). So they asked if I was a Christian and relaxing even further I answered in the affirmative. All this while, I was speaking to them through the grill. I did not open it. I am not that naive! yes, I know a gun can be pointed at me through the grill, but hey, I kept it closed.

Ok. The Church card. I was more willing to listen especially when they went “God bless you.” Next they said they wanted to share something about their Church with me. I already attend a fabulous Church and I was not really interested in hearing more but for the sake of the Gospel and all that, I decided to listen. Then they asked if they could come in. I waited a beat, then let them in. My BIG, strong Husband was in the house to whatever.

When they were seated, the guy fell to his knees and turned intense. OK. I’m from Nigeria, we see all sorts of things there and we are a pretty religious set but I mean, really! I decide to ignore it. When he is done with that, they put on the dvd and begin to evangelise. They talk about the Trinity and God the Father. We were agreed on that. Then came the weird stuff.

They said just as we had physical mothers, we also have spiritual mothers. In other words, as there is God the Father, there is also God the Mother. OH. KAY.

You see, in Nigeria you are usually a Christian or a Muslim or Traditional African Religion, or a weird mix of both. We have some weird mixtures and variations but basically, religion wise, we are a simple folk. God the Mother was. . . well.

I listened politely, asked them to please hurry things up and meanwhile said my own prayers inside me. Dear Husband pretended he was just a ghost haunting the house. At one point they invited him to share in the discussion. He told them he had ‘things’ to do. Finally when they were ready to go, they asked when they could come back again. I told them not to. I would think about what they said but I would prefer if they did not come back. They thanked me and left.

I was shell shocked to say the least. In my Christian walk, I am trying, really trying to live by the grace of God. Living my life as God, my father would want me to is a daily challenge. Why would I want to further complicate things with a Mother God…Mother/daughter relationships are not the easiest for goodness sakes!

I still don’t know what to think about the whole episode but I am sure of one thing: I am never, Never, NEVER opening my door to a stranger again. Unless he’s the postman -I’m expecting some books.

7 thoughts on “Strangers at My Door

  1. couple of years ago, I came home to find some young man standing outside our home talking with my wife. He told her he was selling some type of book series and wanted the names of any familiy in our area with younger children. Just so happened he matched the description of a sex offender someone had JUST told me about @ work who had been thrown out of that town earlier that week (town was 20 minutes from us) Now, we live in a rural setting and when I saw him standing there being all nice and chatty I cut through the BS in about 15 seconds. Told him we weren’t interested and he needed to be going. I didn’t tell my wife what was up until we were in the house. I strongly suggested that next time some guy comes to the door (Even if he has an official looking name tag) to talk to him through the window and to NOT go outside..I don’t care if he’s a fuller brush salesman or has a great one day only price on some cleaning product. You just don’t know these days. Glad they left w/o too much drama on your end. DM

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