Making it Work at Home

I received the magazine of the Association of Work at Home Women (AWHW); Making It Work At Home a few days ago and I have read it cover-to-cover several times already. Although it is just 32 pages, it is 32 pages of rich content.

Living in a foreign country in which I am not allowed to take a job, I have had to be creative about earning an income. I decided to work at home. In pursuing advice and coaching from a distance (especially as I do not have the means to invest in coaching ), I have browsed many sources on the internet ranging from blogs to websites to ebooks. Some have been useful. Others not so useful. The AWHW magazine definitely falls into the former category.

It covers a wide range of topics for work at home women such as time management, using social networking to promote your business, and useful online materials. The whole magazine is written by women who are actually making it work at home; it is all first hand experience. And there is a wealth of experience between the covers of this magazine.

The only down part is that this is published in America and I live in Malaysia. How do I get further copies? This maiden copy was provided free by AWHW as a review copy. I am grateful to have this resource in my hands. For that is what it is, a resource I will be referring to over and over for a long while.

For more information, visit the AWHW site.


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