Making Good Impressions

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This dare reminds me of the movie, 50 First Dates. The movie is about this commitment phobic guy who finally met the woman he felt he could settle down with. Only she had a weird kind of amnesia; when she woke up in the morning, she could not remember anything that had gone on before. What a challenge because no matter how hard he tried to impress her, she woke up the next morning remembering nada.

I remember wondering as I watched it, what it would be like to have to make a first impression on the same person time and time again; not to get to the state of taking for granted. That state we get to, of easy familiarity where we no longer bother to try making an impression or going out of our way?

That, I believe is the point where a woman no longer bothers about how she looks for the man she married 10 years ago, or the man stops watching his rum paunch and turns into a couch potato. OK, these are extremes but you know what I’m talking about.

Then again, there has to be a level of comfort where we become more comfortable being seen without makeup (for those who cannot abide leaving the house without the war paint 😉 ). So how do we find a balance?

I do not have an answer to this one. So I am asking: How do we make good impressions on our loved ones and still be comfortable with who we are?

It is a constant tug of war for me. I want to make a good impression on him all the time but I do not want to compromise on who I am inside, I never have. I am lucky because he loves everything about me (well, almost everything), but even then…

So I am asking because of the next dare*

LD 9

Greet your man invitingly, ladies. Make it a point to greet him in a way that says you missed him and you’re glad he’s there. Be consistent with it. On the phone and in person. Make him feel wanted.

Bible Verse: Greet one another with a kiss of love – 1 Peter 5:14

* I have been doing the Love Dares and blogging about it too.


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