Going Beyond Kindness

"Kind eyes"

Being kind seems like the easiest thing in this world: smile at the neighbours, coo at the babies, restrain yourself to just a mutter when that God-forsaken. . .ehm, excuse me. . . when that unruly driver cuts you rudely on the road then has the gall to shout at you! OK. Kindness. Giving up your seat on the bus to that pregnant lady, or the old one…anyway, you all get what I mean. Doing those kind things for helpless people is not only easy, but it adds an extra shine to that halo above our heads. *sigh, not my fault I feel so saintly*

So, what of when we are called to be kind to those not helpless people? Is it still as easy? I do not think I will give up my seat on the bus to that great hulk of a man, besides, it is not courteous. So he looks tired and he might be limping but, I am the lady here.

Yet, the Bible says we should consider others better than we are. I am supposed to look at my dh and think this man is better than me! Hmmm…(as a matter of fact I think he is darned lucky to have me, but that’s just my opinion).

Yesterday’s dare was hard enough, but it seems to me that the dares are getting more daring by the day. You can read the first dare here. Over to LD 2 (Love Dare 2).


Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving eachother, just as God in Christ has also forgiven you. Ephesians 4:32

Rosheeda’s Breakdown:

  1. Be of a sympathetic, helpful, forebering nature toward one another;
  2. easily moved to love, pity or sorrow, and showing sympathetic consciousness of other’s distress, along with a desire to alleviate it.
  3. Allow room for error or weakness and give up feelings of indignant displeasure or persistent ill will at things regarded as wrong, insulting or injurious; also
  4. Give up all claim to retaliation.
  5. Do this the same way that God, using Christ as His avenue and instrument, has also been  easily moved to love, pity and sorrow, showing sympathetic consciousness of your distress, along with a desire to alleviate it – and has also allowed room for error or weakness and given up feelings of indignant displeasure or persistent ill will at things regarded as wrong, insulting or injurious, and has also given up all claim to retaliation against you

Now this is going waaay beyond kindness. This is a call to be what we are obviously not capable of being in and of ourselves, like Christ. It is just too hard. Reading the action points, it is plain to see where I have gotten it wrong. Especially point 3 – I am not perfect so why is it so hard to allow another (especially my dh) room for error or weakness? And giving up all claim to retaliation? I am the retaliating kind of chick. I tell myself it is because sometimes, people do not get what it is you are so upset about until you pay them back in their own coin then they can appreciate where you are coming from 😦 – how self-righteous is that? I definitely need divine help.

The Dare:

In addition to saying/thinking nothing negative about your Beloved, come up with one random act of kindness toward them today. And then, NO MATTER WHAT, actually do it.

Being Mrs V Extra:

Get a pad and pen. Write down the things you have need of releasing in your relationship. And then my dears, start working toward forgiveness. Because we can’t be genuinely kind, unless we allow God to work forgiveness in our hearts toward our men.

Today’s dare is pretty straightforward but it is the whole attitude behind the dare that counts. I wonder how long it is going to take before I lose patience (LD 2) and snap at dh, saying something totally negative (LD 1) *sigh*

So I am going to go through the next 40 days being understanding and “giving up feelings of indignant displeasure or persistent ill-will at things regarded a wrong, insulting or injurious”. Now I am not a saint, so it is not that I will not have this feelings, just that when I do have them, I will give them up to God. HE knows how to deal with them.

I might let you know how this dare goes. Or maybe not – depending on what avenue I choose to carry out the dare. But have any of you done the Love Dare before? How did it go? Did it impact positively on your marriage/relationship and was it difficult to do? Please let me know; drop a comment.


6 thoughts on “Going Beyond Kindness

  1. Not that i have much to say Sharon but to just say keep up the good work! proud of you…glad that i met you somewhere along the road labelled LIFE
    God bless

    1. Femi, all I can say is that I am overwhelmed. If you know how far one comment like this can go towards encouraging a person – how far it has gone to encourage me…thank you so much! God bless you and yours.

  2. ohgirl. I know this is tough… but keep goin! the fact that you’re even doin this is great. You will do better than you think. Beause what all these dares boil down to is keeping the perspective that he’s first and to be cherished no matter what, and that where he (or we) miss the mark,God will fiill in the blanks. Just do your best, give it your all… You’ll be fine!

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