Marital Bliss: Harmony in Marriage?

Solo peace

I have heard it said that marriage ruins a really good relationship. It sounds like a funny thing to say but when closely scrutinized, one cannot help but think, maybe they have a point. Beautiful relationships progressively go south when faced with the daily reality of emptying trash and sharing bills. Add dirty diapers into the equation and you see where they are coming from.

This month’s Marital Bliss is going to be a little bit different. First off, after nearly two years of daughterly persuasion, my mom is now a proud member of the blogosphere (Yaaay!!). So to welcome her, we are holding the Marital Bliss series at her blog. She posted something about harmony in marriage and wants to know how to attain that. So visit the link below to post your comments.

Naomi’s Corner.


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