Do You Know Any Good Online Magazine?

I am finding it difficult to blog; basically because I do not want to write anything that does not come from my heart or mean something to me personally. As I am in a different environment, that should provide enough blogging fodder right? Not quite. I cannot seem to get inspiration.

So recently, I started looking to Women’s Online magazines to provide that inspiration and I’m getting some really good stuff there. However, I need some more.

If you know any particularly good online reading: Magazines, Blogs, etc (preferably but not limited to, Female reading) please leave the link in the comments section. Thanks.

I’ll start of with the list.


3 thoughts on “Do You Know Any Good Online Magazine?

  1. (about women who are successful in different fields of life. It is inspirational and the style of writing makes it easy to identify with the motivations of these women) (Like the tagline ‘Young Women. Doing Life Together’…it examines real life situations and stories of young women who are making a difference and living their lives with purpose. Makes excellent reading)

    Drop the links people! I’m sure there are other bloggers out there (and browsers) who need the inspiration.

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