Loving the Negatives: Love Dare Day 7

The Love Dares are becoming more…daring. Not like they are impossible or even terribly difficult to achieve, just that they are beginning to take a lot more effort. Which is a good thing. The last dare I did was Day 6 so I’m going to the next dare.

Love Dare Day 7:

Love believes the best… “[Love] believes all things, hopes all things.” 1 Corinthians 13:7

Get two sheets of paper. On Sheet One, write down your man’s positve qualities. On Sheet Two, write down his negative qualities. Put both sheets in a secret place – one you can remember because we will go back to them later on. At some point during the day, pick a positive attribute from the list and thank your spouse for being that person.

Which was the easiest list to make? What did u learn about your own thoughts? What did you thank your spouse for? Are you praying? What’s God revealing to you?

So I got the sheets of paper and wrote down my man’s negative and positive qualities. I thought I was going to find the list of negatives easier and it was – somewhat. The list of positives, after a while I got stuck. So I moved on to the list of negatives and a funny thing happened. Each time I thought up a negative quality, I suddenly remembered like two positive qualities and had to go back to the other list to put them down. And it went on like that. The result was that I had more on my list of positives than on my list of negatives. Yet I was so sure the negatives would be more.

What that tells me is that we tend to magnify the negative qualities in those we love. Sure they are not all perfect (hey, neither are we for that matter), but the mere fact that we found enough in them to love means that the bad might not be as bad as we like to make out.

One other thing I realised was that most of the things I had in mind for the negative list were not really negatives at all. They were just the stuff that made us two different people. So he had his own unique ways of doing things…no problem. The important thing was that things got done.

Have I thanked him for something on the positive list? I have not gotten to that yet. But I will.

I wish I had done the Love Dare before I got married. I am glad I’m doing it now, while my marriage is still relatively spanking new. I am learning a lot, not just about my man but about the person that I am. I have always thought that I had a pretty good idea of the person I am but I am discovering a lot that I did not previously know.

I will definitely keep blogging about this experience as we go through the Love Dare on the Being Mrs V facebook group. Oh and we are also praying through Stormy Omartian’s ‘Power of a Praying Wife’ book. But I’ll choose another month to blog about that. Guess our men cannot have too much love or prayers.


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