Update: Reviews and Challenges

I received a copy of the book, Sleep, It Does a Family Good by Dr. Archibald Hart in my mailbox yesterday. I dived into it almost immediately.

For reasons a few of you might know, I am presently sleep deprived so this came at a really good time. I have already tried one of his tests and like I suspected, I am sleep deprived. I am almost done and I hope to post a review quite soon.

On another note, I have been a bit lax about the Challenges and Dares. Maybe I might have a good reason as I have not been too well the past couple of weeks, but really that is no excuse. I am getting back on the horse again and I promise to keep posting.

As for this month’s Marital Bliss Post, I already have something up. I posted a question last week or maybe a couple of weeks back? Anyway, I asked a question about how often you can forgive your man (or woman) for cheating. Check it here.

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