The Cherokee Chief: Making My Life Count

I found this fascinating article via a link a facebook friend posted. It made me think about a lot of stuff. Not about the Cherokee nation, though I’m sure that was probably the intention of the article in the first place, but about life. And how transient it can be.

She was on the board of the Freedom Forum and Women Empowering Women for Indian Nations, which plans to name a scholarship for her. WEWIN founder Susan Masten said “She was a true warrior and an excellent leader in the sense that she worked tirelessly to improve the lives of everyone else, including her own people, and she did it in a humble way. With all the attention she got and the awards she received… that never changed who she was as a person. She had a very big heart.”, Wilma Mankiller, Cherokee chief, dies, Apr 2010

As I read about this woman who I had never even heard of before, one thought kept ricocheting through my mind: when I die, what would people have to say about me?

It was a sobering thought. I am not yet 30 so by conventional wisdom I still have a lot of years left to live. Right? Who knows. Tomorrow is never guaranteed to anyone. The future is the one bit of real estate no one can actually purchase…at least, not life in itself. That is a finite gift.

So I might not be able to tell how many more years I will be on earth for, but I can tell for sure that at this minute, this particular moment, I am here, living and breathing. What I do today (NOW) is what counts eventually. That – the little moments of my life – is what makes the sum total of what folks are going to be saying about the kind of woman I was.

What I got from the life of this woman as briefly narrated in the article was that whether it is in the things I write blog about, or the things I say, or the relationships I keep; I need to make every moment count.


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