Thankful Thursday – Trusting God No Matter What

Today is Thankful Thursday and my heart is full. God has been so faithful and keeps showing his goodness every single day.

Dh and I were trusting God for something. It cost a lot of money and we kept wondering where the money would come from. This was one of those times when you can only look to the hills cos there was nowhere else to look. Then just as we needed the stuff, it came. God did not give us the money, he gave us just what we needed.

It was a wonderful lesson. We could almost hear God say

Don’t trust me for money; trust me for what you need.

And that is a spectacular lesson. Today I want to thank God that he cares so much for his children; for his love and direction.

Join Lynn at Spiritually Unequal Marriage for more thankful hearts.


3 Comments to “Thankful Thursday – Trusting God No Matter What”

  1. Awesome, Sharon! this is so true, especially in my current situation…your always such an encouragement.

  2. Blessings to you dear one.

  3. Sounds Just like God!! Praise the LORD, He is our provider!
    That’s quite a tesitmony!

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