Marriage Monday is Just Around the Corner!

This month, by special request our group topic is “Prayer in Marriage.” Please join us for Marriage Monday on Mar. 1, 2010. You’re free to approach this subject any way you wish. Give your entry a titleand let the Spirit lead you as you write.

A Few Writing Suggestions

It’s no secret that many couples have difficulty praying together. Men, especially, can be uncomfortable expressing their intimate spiritual thoughts. What have you learned to that helps you both to break through those barriers?

Consider sharing your experience in one or more of these areas…

• When do you pray as a couple
• Frequency of prayer
• Why you don’t pray
• Answers to your prayers
• Prayer partners for your marriage
• Praying for your children
• Rewards of praying together
• Prayer for your husband’s salvation

…and so on. Maybe you would simply prefer to post a prayer instead.

Please Bring a Friend

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