Thankful Thursday – My Duvet

This month, Thankful Thursday is being hosted by Iris and her topic was Daily Blessings. It’s funny because as I was planning my TT post in my head, what I was really thankful for was my new duvet.

See, when I left my country, I left with only one suitcase and there’s just so much one can pack in one suitcase. This was a bit hard for me because I was coming to set up house and I had nothing to set up house with. It was like I was starting afresh. . . well, I guess I was starting afresh.

So I moved into my new apartment, which is cozy by the way and proceeded to settle down gradually. Only problem was I was not sleeping well. Malaysia is hot. Maybe not as hot as some parts of Nigeria but I did not live in those parts. So anyway, I sleep with the air-conditioning. But because I had no duvet, I’d wake up in the middle of the night shivering and switch off the ac. Or increase the temperature. Then after a few hours, I’d have to wake up to switch it back on or decrease the temperature again. Needless to say, it made for a very unsound sleep.

Well, just last week my brother bought me a lovely maroon duvet – makes my room feel so valentine-ish. Each morning when I wake up, there’s a smile on my face and I murmur thank you Lord for my duvet. It has made a lot of difference to my sleeping and this Thursday, it is one ‘daily blessing’ I am especially thankful for. And of course, I am thankful for my brother. This is one of the times when family ties are just what a girl needs.

He spread out a cloud as a covering,
and a fire to give light at night. (Psalm 105:39, NIV)

If you would like to share your thankful heart, join us at Iris‘.


13 Responses to “Thankful Thursday – My Duvet”

  1. May God continue to bless you.

  2. It’s the little ways God takes care of us that make me smile. Enjoy your duvet!

  3. I love how you made the connection to that verse to you story! I greatly enjoyed reading it! Thanks. ~

  4. lovely post. so simple yet so from the heart. i would be thankful for that too if i were in your shoes. having a good night sleep is so refreshing. God bless your brother for giving you that duvet.

    stay blessed, sharon.

    • Thank you Pia for stopping by. I really enjoyed reading your post. It’s good to have loving brothers is it not? Take care and God bless.

  5. I know exactly what you’re talking about because I live in the Philippines. But being Filipino from birth, I’m used to the heat. I can very well appreciate your ac and duvet, though. Some creature comforts are really necessary for survival. I’m happy for you that you have them.

    • That is one country I would really love to visit! My parents were once in Manila for a missions conference – years ago. I heard Malaysia’s not too far, who knows, I just might be knocking at your door..hehehe 😉

  6. Sharon – often it’s the “little things” in life that mean so much to us. We’ve had a colder than usual winter here in Texas, so one of the things I am thankful for is a heated matress pad. A good night’s sleep is indeed a blessing.

    I too am thankful for my brother – nothing can replace those family ties.

    I love your blog and I will be visiting again. Thank you for stopping by mine and for your sweet comments.


    • Thank you so much for your kind words Joan, glad you like my blog and can’t wait to have you visit.

      Texas… I heard that’s supposed to be the hottest place in the US; still winter is winter. Glad you had a heated matress pad.

      God bless you!


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