Knotting Ties – Learning to Crochet

I have decided to take up crocheting again. More like I’ve decided to learn it all over again. I have a lot of time on my hands and I do not feel comfortable spending it all on the internet. I love to work with my hands, I even took up sewing once but I left my sewing machine at home. Since I came to Malaysia I have been looking for one craft or the other to take up; what I really wanted to do was jewelry making – and I still will. One day. But search though I would, I could not find any jewelry making class in the area where I live. So I got down on my knees this morning and asked God for something to do and it came to me like an epiphany – crochet!

My first patterned project!

I have been crocheting all my life. I love it because it does not take ages like knitting. The only problem is that I never learned to read the patterns. Yes, BIG problem. So I’ve been online since morning educating myself. I even downloaded some free patterns to try. I think I’ll start with this, the Travel Tissue Cover. I got it from Maggie Weldon’s site. I will definitely be visiting there more often, if this one goes well. I am not very good at sticking to things till the bitter end but I’ll at least give this a try and I am determined to get it right; even if it’s not the first time.

As soon as I’ve had something to eat, I’m going out to a craft shop (I’ve done my research already), I’ll buy my supplies and get to work. I’ll let you know how it goes and if the finished product is something I can be proud of, I’ll put up a picture here on the blog. How’s that?

So my ‘ties‘ for today are more of the yarn type. Who would have thought?


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