Dear Lord, don’t touch that! (Cafe Chat)

I love to pray – really. To have conversations with God and just tell Him about stuff. Nothing is off limits. I talk to Him about everything – that I feel He needs to know. And that’s the problem. There are just some stuff that I just won’t let God touch. It’s funny, but it’s true. This week’s Cafe Chat question just brought a rueful smile to my lips.

There is nothing too small or too big for God to concern Himself with; my parents told me that and I honestly belive it. But how come there are some things I’d rather not talk to Him about? Before I go much further, let me share this week’s question:

God’s Word tells us that we can pray about “everything”; however what are some things in your life that you do not pray to God about? (You can tell about a specific situation, or give a general answer). Why don’t you pray to God about what you named above?

OK. First I’ll mention what I don’t like to pray about then maybe you could share what you don’t like to pray about?

Whenever I’m in trouble because of my foolishness, I stubbornly refuse to pray. I have this funny (and frankly stupid) idea that since I got myself in, I should get myself out. And then I proceed to try to do just that until it’s almost too late. Why do I do that?

I honestly don’t know. I think it’s tied to the fact that I am something of a control freak, I like to think that I can handle things myself. So I decide to pray, and I pray about the state of the nation (yep, truly), then I pray for my parents and my family, my friends, ask for leading for the day and meanwhile I am in hot water but don’t mention that.

Then sometimes I just feel there really isn’t much He can do. No I’m not being blasphemous. The thing is I got myself into trouble so I feel I deserve the consequences. There are some processes it’s just impossible to reverse…

So many reasons but I think they are just the reasoning of a foolish heart. Maybe it’s pride at the heart of everything…who knows? But I know so with His help, I’m working on it. What do you need to work on in your own life?

Philippians 4:6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.


6 thoughts on “Dear Lord, don’t touch that! (Cafe Chat)

  1. Karin you are truly a sister of my heart; it’s amazing how the love of Christ brings people together. Thanks so much for your consistency!

  2. hummmm…in the past, if I kept doing the same stupid (sinful) thing over and over, I battled whether I could ask for forgivenss…wondering if I was genuinely sorry or just playing mind games w/ myself

  3. I identify completely. I’m in a bit of a mess right now and this is would be the third time I’m being this particularly stupid. God got me out of the other two so I hesitate to ask Him again. Aren’t we humans funny?

  4. yeah, I agree that sometimes, when u’ve done something wrong repeatedly, you do feel stupid and guilty taking it back to God each time…but, He is our father, and is very willing to forgive us whenever we reach out to Him…

    I like to say to people, and I believe and practice it myself, that there’s nothing too big or too small to talk to God about…absolutely nothing! praise God…

  5. Hi Doyin, thank you for stopping by. I know what you are talking about completely and I think most times, it’s the devil’s way of keeping us away from reconciliation with God – he convinces us that we’ve offended too many times and God can’t possibly forgive us yet again. One of his many lies I guess. But you are right, He [God that is] is our father!

    Thanks for that…

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