Doing Church – on Betrayal

vintage church pews
vintage church pews: ours are not this bad. Honestly

I decided to spend Saturday night at my parents. They were alone in the house and I just thought to keep them company. It had been a hectic week for me and I was praying that by some miracle, I’d be able to sleep in. No such hope. The next morning, my dad came and pounded on my door and reminded me that Church was in 30 minutes so I needed to get ready. Oh yeah, now I remember why I don’t spend Saturday nights at home.

I smiled wryly and stood up, very grudgingly getting ready for Church. I let them go ahead and took my time to savour a cup of coffee. It’s not that I don’t like Church, I just don’t feel it has to be mandatory. But I’m always conscious of that ‘honour thy parents’ thing and I would never disobey a direct instruction without first letting them know why I would not be obeying it. So I went to Church.

The text was from Luke 22:24-62 – Peter’s denial of Jesus. From what I got, it is so easy to betray a loved one. The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines betrayal as:

  1. to lead astray
  2. to deliver to an enemy by treachery
  3. to fail or desert especially in a time of need
  4. to reveal unintentionally

If you’ve ever been betrayed, then you know the hollow feeling it comes with. The Pastor gave a few reasons why he felt it was easy for Peter to betray Jesus.

  • Over-confidence. This was the first one. Even when Jesus had warned him, he was just too sure that he could never do such a thing.
  • Confusion and Disappointment. At that time, Peter did not know what part of all Jesus had said was true. I mean, the guy had just told them that He as the Saviour, surely a saviour would not allow himself to get treated that way!
  • Distance. When all that was going on with Jesus, Peter who was supposed to be like his best friend kept his distance. He followed ‘from afar’.
  • Location. If he had not sat by the fire of those people in the first place, he probably wouldn’t have had that experience. He was at the wrong place, with the wrong people; folks who were mocking his master

Going through the list I discovered that it’s really easy to betray the Lord and even a close friend. Sometimes, by not standing up for that person, by keeping quiet when we should have spoken, we become guilty of betrayal. I’m timid. I’ve finally come to accept that. I was not always that way, but I am now. I will not go out of my way to talk about Jesus (and maybe that is a betrayal too), but I don’t think I’ll hear people mocking him and keep quiet. No.

Still, I had quite a lot to digest by the time I got home from Church. I had to say a quick prayer of forgiveness. I even learnt 3 things to do so that I don’t fall into betrayal

  • Keep close to Jesus (read my Bible and Pray)
  • Avoid bad company
  • Divine positioning – putting myself where God wants me every-time.

I might have gone to Church grudgingly, but I was grateful by the time I got home. That doesn’t mean though, that I’m not going to try to get out of going to Church next week. I think I have enough lessons to last me two Sundays.


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