Attracting Courage

How does one go about attracting courage? I started my business fully in April of this year and have had quite a number of clients. I create and manage blogs they are either 1032277_chocolate_cheesecake_1too busy handle themselves, or lack the know-how to manage.

Anyway, I was sitting at that cafe I love to visit, and for some weeks now each time I go there I see the vast potential! Not just for me. I know the owner needs a blog. How to convince her? I sit there day after day, sip their coffee or try their salads; enjoy the samosas or revel in their cheese cake (simply delicious!!!) and with each bite (or sip) I try to plan out the conversation in my head. Why can’t I just walk up to her and tell her about what I know she needs? sigh.

If the law of attraction really does work, I need to start attracting some courage real soon.

On a different note, I layed my bed again today. No, don’t laugh until you read this post. I had padded into the kitchen, made a cup of coffee and was sipping it when I remembered and ran back into the bedroom to make that bed.


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