A Miracle of Life – Cafe Chat

Whenever I really need something from God, I have formed this habit of reminding Him of the miracles He did for my dad, my mum and the whole family. And they are countless.

At the Cafe today, we are chatting about the miracles God has performed in our lives.

Where do I start from? Let me give a little background. Both my parents are missionaries in full time ministry. We’ve lived in some incredible places in my life – in mud huts with no form of modernization (how much of that can you get in a mud hut anyway?). We’ve found deadly snakes where we sleep and had so many near death encounters. My younger brother was pronounced dead while still in the womb and only started breathing again after intense prayer. So if anyone says God does not exist, fine. Maybe He does not exist for you but it is impossible for me to claim that He doesn’t. He’s been so real in my life. Despite the many incidences, I’ll focus on one in particular because my parents and I were discussing it a few days ago.

When I was 10 years old (my brothers were 8 and 7), my dad came back home after a trip to the US. He discovered that we, the kids were all ill. But so was our dog, Alheri. The next day, he and my mum took the dog to the vets, they reasoned that since the dog could not talk, we didn’t know the extent of his illness.

We lived (and still live) a long way from town. We measure distance in hours in Africa and in those hours, we lived and hour away from town. On the way back, it was already dark and the lights were not working too fine when all of a sudden, a few minutes from home, the car lost control. It flew off the road straight into a mining dam. The dam was so deep no one knew the exact depth. To further exacerbate matters, the walls of the dam were really high (about 15 feet high). There were four people and a dog in that car and 2 could not swim. My mum was one of the two. She said she felt herself being dragged from the car just before it sank. She floated awhile and felt herself being propelled towards the edge of the dam. While there, she doesn’t know what happend, but it was almost as though she was forklifted out of the pit. My dad who was watching said one minute she was in the water, the next she was dragged up. When she got out, there was no one there. She raised an alarm and folks came out of their homes to find out what was going on. It was these folks who helped my dad out.

The next morning, people gathered around the pit waiting for the dead bodies to come floating but there were no corpses! Everyone of them survived. For months afterwards, each time we gathered to have family devotions, mum would just cry and cry. It was really traumatic.

My brothers and I could have been orphans. But God was merciful. I am almost 28 and thank God I have my parents around. I so need them!


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