Caprese Salad – Educating My Palate

Insalata Caprese Salad

Originally uploaded by Jeff Kubina

I decided to treat myself to my favourite cafe. It’s owned by a Lebanese woman and I love the feel and ambiance. Usually when I go there, I like to try out a new salad – educating my palate. That way, I discover what I love, what I might eventually learn to love and what I absolutely cannot stand.

I was feeling in an Italian mood so I went for the caprese and grissini. This is a salad of tomato slices and cheese with olive oil dribbled on top and garnishing of choice, in this case, fresh rosemary. It was accompanied with grissini sticks (narrow, long, bread-like sticks).

It was not bad at all but I think it will definitely fall into the what-I-might-eventually-learn-to-love category. I love cheese but … hmmm, well, caprese and I, we’ll take some getting used to.


3 thoughts on “Caprese Salad – Educating My Palate

  1. Now I’m in more of a hurry for our tomatos to grow. I love them sliced with fresh cracked pepper and fresh basil.. Weather hasn’t been this year for tomatos, but our God can do anything!

  2. @ Clara – still waiting for you to come to Jos so I can treat you to that cafe. Thank you so much for commenting; I was excited to ‘see’ you on my blog.

    @ Karin – my mum grows tomatoes too but they haven’t really done well this year either. Guess we need to add on the prayers. lol. Thanks for stopping.

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