Daily Frustrations: Power, Internet & Food

855413_candle_light_6The weekend has been incredibly busy and before that it was a really frustrating week. During the week there was a storm which messed with our power and we had a 3 day long blackout. If you are in any other part of the world while you are reading this, you will probably feel acute sympathy for me. If you are in Nigeria though, you will roll your eyes and wonder ‘what’s new?’

I live in an area of Nigeria that usually has constant power supply. It’s called Plateau State and for the most part, we do not use power provided by the Federal Government owned power supply company. This one is privately owned. I think. Anyway, we have a reasonably steady power supply and outages are treated with due urgency.

Well, I had to live through a 3 day power outage when I had so many things to do – all online of course. That would not have been so bad because like good Nigerians, we light_in_the_darkhave a stand-by generator. But guess what? The internet was also down! Probably in solidarity with the power… But I am here today to tell you that I survived. It has been proved incontrovertibly that I can go three days without the internet – 3 whole days!! (even I can’t believe it!)

Anyway, all that was topped by the crazy weekend I had. We hosted 40 guests at the Retreat Center! 40!! Or we booked down 40 and ended up with 43 adults and 3 children. Some folks were having a retreat. Now, normally I love having people over – and it’s not just because of the money they bring with them (though there’s that too). But we were filled to capacity¬† – beyond – capacity and catering for them was quite stressful. But I had it under control, I’m good like that (quite shameless, I know).

Then on the last night the strangest thing happened. We served 46 plates of food and included 4 extra plates. We cleaned up, heaved a sigh of relief and my assistant was getting ready to go home for the night when lo and behold, a straggling group of men came at us yelling, arms waving ….OK. So that’s not totally accurate. A single representative came to inform us that the food was not enough. Wait. Did I mention that there were 43 adults and 3 children? And did I also say that we served 50 plates of food? So what was the problem?? Oh, the women ate all the food! And left 15 hungry men?? Oh dear! It was hilarious but not exactly funny because that meant we (my assistant and I) had to go into the kitchen because our cook had closed for the day. sigh.

1145919_people_8What really amazed me was that it seemed like such a role reversal. One would expect the men to eat all the food and leave the women without, but it was the other way around. Go figure. I guess what a man can do (in this case EAT), a woman can do better indeed. Oh well, at least they left me with an amusing anecdote to relate. And I really did love having them around.


3 thoughts on “Daily Frustrations: Power, Internet & Food

  1. 3 days without internet would be hard for me too! Proud of you for surviving it, but then, you had no choice, did you.

    Praying you get a bit of peace, rest and restoration before the next onslaught of busyness.

  2. Wow! I’m still stuck on you going three whole days without internet! I can’t even imagine that. Even when my wife and I were in St. Lucia for our honeymoon, I had to buy a internet card for five minutes just to get on the internet twice. Once to tell my mom happy mother’s day and another time to check my account. But you survived and lived to write the tale.

    I also can’t even imagine hosting all those people. I loved the line about the women doing a better job of eating than the men. Great work!

  3. @ Karin, thanks. It was not easy. I’m trying to take a few days off but I find it hard to rest when there’s so much to be done. Thanks for stopping by and God bless. Have a wonderful week ahead!

    @Russel – I have been accused of being addicted to the internet (my dad even said he wouldn’t marry a woman like me cos I’ll have no time for him. ish).
    So I was a bit glad – even though I was frustrated – that I managed to last 3 days. I’m proud of me!

    Glad to see you are back in the blogoshpere. Have a wonderful week ahead!

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