3 Essential Qualities of a Best Friend – Cafe Chat

Name 3 qualities or characteristics of a good/close friend. Explain why the qualities or characteristics you listed are important to you in your

This is the question on today’s Cafe Chat at the Internet Cafe Devotions. I did not even have to think hard, the three qualities or characteristics essential for me in a friend are:

  • Loyalty
  • Unconditional Acceptance
  • Straight Talk

I suppose there are more qualities, but these are for me the top of the list. I am working on the assumption that my best friend would love the Lord (or else how did we become best friends in the first place?). I’ll take each one separately.

LOYALTY: This is so important to me mostly because of my background. When I was little, my whole parents and my brothers got betrayed by people who were like family to us. It was a hard time for us; my brothers and I still have issues with trusting people as a result of that. I do not trust easily therefore when I do trust, I want to know that it will not be betrayed.

Also, I go the extra mile for my friends; while I do not expect them to go the extra mile for me, I need to know that they have my back. I need to know that if there are rumours flying around about me, regardless of how bad the evidence looks, they will defend me to others. I will not do any less. So for me, loyalty is definitely a HUGE one.

UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE: I am not perfect, but then no one else is. I believe love is love inspite of our flaws. Love does not force the loved to change. Love might wish the loved would change, but if that change does not occur, love does not stop loving. I need my friends to accept me for who I am and love me despite my flaws. Anyone who pushes me into change, can’t be my friend.

STRAIGHT TALK: Now, I know above, I said I did not want to be changed, but I need my friends to be able to point out to me, bluntly where I’m being foolish. I don’t want friends who will see me making my way to hell and just sit and watch because they are scared of giving offense – I have no need for folks like that. Friends like that, I’ll tolerate, but I know they are not really my friends. Not where it counts.

So that’s it. If you are interesetd in joining this discussions, hop along to the Cafe Chat and drop a comment.

10 thoughts on “3 Essential Qualities of a Best Friend – Cafe Chat

  1. Ok..you do have a point there. If I’d known the person before I became a Christian, that would be my No.1 essential quality.

  2. Good list… I especially love number 2 and number 3 šŸ™‚

    Thanks for participating and make sure to come back now on Thursdays for the Cafe Chat…

    Blessings, Kim

  3. @Kim – thank you so much for stopping by. Cafe Chat has been a blessing to me and I’ll definitely stop by on Thursdays. God bless you!

    @Karin – I believe you have them! I will also pray for the grace to be a covenant friend.

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