Happy Memories

I have been quite sad lately, due mostly to my last post. I still cannot believe the encouragement I got in the comments on that post; I am genuinely thankful for you all!

I have decided to take a hand in encouraging myself and I’m doing that by posting pictures from my last vacation; this was to a Kingdom called Twon Brass in the Niger Delta of Nigeria. Brass is an Island at the beginning of the Atlantic ocean. It is a beautiful bit of paradise! I had so much fun there and I was happy!

I got the idea from a blogger who also visited the Island. His pictures made me so glad I decided to post mine…God uses all sorts to encourage his children!

I loved this cart and just had to take a snapshot of it…it made me feel nostalgic – don’t ask me why



That’s me in red flagged by my little friends…


Er… I’m not sure what dance that is; not disco anyway. The beach gets to you like that, makes one feel so inhibited


I thought the waves were angry that day. But I was informed that it was a calm day at sea.


And for my piece de resistance (taken by yours truly). . .


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