The Transcience of Life

In the past 9 months, I have been running a mission guest house, catering mostly to missionaries and people who serve God in other ways. Sometimes, we get Honeymooners. These are my favourites and I take special pleasure in serving them (that is probably my romantic streak rearing it’s head).

We had the most recent Honeymoon couple a month ago. I remember them well because the man came with his laptop and when he locked himself away in the den, the new wife came to spend some time with me. That did not happen often though, in fact it was just once. The lady kept throwing up even though she had such an appetite! She 1080946_sad_silhouettejust kept eating yet could not seem to keep any food down. I even remember my assistant making a joke about putting the horse before the cart or something like that. Anyway, I really felt sorry for her and we seemed to bond. I keep a record of the wedding dates of all my Honeymooners and I was really looking forward to sending them an anniversary card next year.

I just found out that she passed away a couple of weeks after they left. I was horrified! I felt so bad, I wept. I wept for her life cut short; for her poor husband – how could he be a widower after three short weeks!

Then I began to think; if he had known he had such a short time with the woman he loved, would he still have married her? I don’t know. I remember once when I was little, I overheard some family friends discussing a woman in that slightly derogatory way Christians have of speaking about a fellow christian who has ‘fallen’. In this case, this ‘sister’ left one of their serious brothers to get married to another less serious one who even wore jeans! Anyway, a few years after the wedding, her husband died. She was a widow before she was 30. They felt it was because she did not obey the will of God, so she was suffering the consequences. Even in my limited understanding, I knew I did not agree with them.

I have never lost anyone I really loved so I cannot say that I know how it feels. But I do know that even if I knew that I would only have a few years with my sweetheart, I would still get married to him and treasure every one of those years. I feel very strongly about that and I guess Jack also felt that way about Jade, the British reality queen who died of cancer not long after they were married.

I believe love should be willing to go the distance, no matter what. I asked my fiance if he would marry me if he knew I had only a few months to live and he answered without thinking too hard about it: He would.

I have a question for you:

If you knew the person you were in love with was terminally ill and had only a few months to live, would you still get married to him or her?


4 thoughts on “The Transcience of Life

  1. You asked, If I knew my wife to be was terminally ill and had only a few months to live would I have still married her…

    In a heart beat, in fact, after we were engaged, she did have to go in for a series of medical tests..I remember this very question coming to my mind..and thinking….even if we only have a short time together…and here I sit after enjoying 30 yrs together….our relationship is as vibrant as ever….that is so sad for that young I can’t imagine.

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