Seeing With Your Heart

I just read the part where Caleb in the Bible went to Joshua to ask for what was rightly his – promised to him by Moses. Something he said when staking his claim struck a chord:

“I was forty years when Moses the servant of the Lord sent me…and I brought back word to him as it was in my heart.” (Joshua 14:7 NKJV)

This reminds me of the Women of Faith song:

Open the eyes of my heart Lord
Open the eyes of my heart
I want to see you.

Too many times, we view circumstances with our mind. We see situations and try to rationalize them; it does not matter what God has promised us, we just know it is not possible. At least I know I do that. You cannot rationalize God, no matter how hard you try. He is so much bigger than whatever it is our infinitesimal minds might imagine (infinitesimal in comparison to His).

When Joshua, Caleb and the other spies went into that land as spies, two sets of people saw differently. The first set – which was the majority – saw with their mind. They saw giants and a people physically impossible to conquer. Looking at the same situation, the other set saw with their heart and what they saw was a comparison between these so-called giants and the God they knew. There was no contest.

I want to approach my life’s circumstances that way. Not so much the problem, but the proportion of the problem in relation to God. Regardless of how big or how impossible that situation looks, put it beside the One who created the universe and watch it shrink to near insignificance.

Again, there are so many promises in the Bible which God has made to his children. How come so many of us are not enjoying the benefits of those promises? Probably because we still behave like strangers to our Heavenly Father. A stranger or slave rarely demands his rights. Sometimes, we need to remind God of the promises He has made and demand them from Him – they are ours. Legitimately so.

I want to enter that state of complete assurance in the faithfulness of my Lord; that state of knowing that if He says He will do a thing, then He is definitely going to do that thing. He has promised me joy and I am going to be joyful. He promised me His grace, and I will not give Him rest until I feel that grace pervade every sphere of my life! When we do not claim what God has said is ours, what we are saying is that we did not believe Him in the first place. I need to go ask forgiveness.


One thought on “Seeing With Your Heart

  1. One year down the line, it is amazing to read this. Especially now that I am going through some stuff…God led me to this today and I am exceedingly grateful.

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