For Women By Women

something-blue1Browsing through the New York Times website, part of a headline caught my attention. The Special Report written by Alice Pfiffer had the heading: Haute Horlogerie, Precision Engineered for women by women.

‘For women by women’ made me pause. I took time to read the article and was entranced by Giselle Rufer. I went straight off and googled Delance and Giselle Rufer. My search led me to the Delance website and what I saw took my breath away. There, on display were the pictures of the most exquisite pieces of time keeping I had ever seen. I gazed in awe.

Even more exquisite is the indomitable spirit of the woman behind Delance. Giselle Rufer is a strong woman who was raised by another strong woman. Her mother was widowed when Giselle was seven years old and through adversity, she exhibited strength, courage and determination; traits she passed on to her daughter.

Women entrepreneurs have to work twice as hard as their male counterparts. And it is even tougher for them in countries like Nigeria. Although we have moved a few steps ahead (we now have womenjudit Governors and Ministers), an ambitious woman is looked at with a certain disdain by the men around and even unfortunately, by other women. In Nigeria, a woman entrepreneur has to have twice the ambition of a man but the meekness and demeanor of a lamb. She must not let her desire to get ahead show.

Giselle Rufer has dedicated time, effort and her life to the cause of the woman entrepreneur. She is a prophet or an ambassador sent to give hope to women who are losing the will to hope.

Just a few short weeks ago, if I had been asked, I would have replied without hesitation that I was not a watch person. Well, that was before I saw the picture of a Delance. Now, I ache for a Delance. Something soft which I can use every day but has the elegance and beauty of a ceremonial jewel. I love Delance and what it stands for; you see I am a woman. But more than that, I am a Nigerian and we deal in status symbols. A Delance wrist watch is a symbol of the strength of a woman’s spirit. A symbol of what one woman, with grit and determination, may achieve for other women.

white-lotusIn the words of the lady herself:

“Femininity is magic. Believe in yourself. Build your self-esteem. Be all that you can be. It is wonderful to be a woman.

My dream is for Delance to become the sign of recognition for all women who want to make the world a better place, a lovely place by creating beauty and promoting harmony.

I believe that women need recognition. They also need role models. They need esteem as much as love. And, very importantly, women need empowerment.”


4 thoughts on “For Women By Women

  1. Dear Sharon,
    I have discovered your tmoignage by chance looking for an other information. You have understood my soul, my passion and my mission.
    I would like every woman to be happy with herself, to believe in her talent… that is why I have created the Delance wath.
    All my wishes for you.

  2. I really like what you write. I was so lucky to meet Giselle at the WIN Conference in Prague this autumn. I was also attending a seminar where see told her story and we could watch her beautiful watches. Greeting from Oslo

  3. Thank you so much Giselle for stopping by my blog; I feel so honored! I admire what you are doing and hope that some way in my own little corner I am able to inspire other women like me to be better.

  4. Hi Ann, glad you had the opportunity to hear Giselle speak and to meet her; she is truly an inspiration to women all over. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I really hope you come back soon.

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