Port Harcourt Carnival: Snapshots

Nigeria is said to be the most populous black nation on earth; with over 200 people groups and 250 different languages, it might not be hard to believe. Despite the differences, there are some similarities and one of such is the joy with which the cultural heritages are displayed.

One of such displays was the Carniriv 2008; the annual carnival where the people of Rivers State of Nigeria came out in full regalia to celebrate their cultural differences. The carnival was one that took the whole of Port Harcourt, the oil capital of Nigeria by storm. Guests piled in from different corners of the world to participate and live the experience.

There was a little something for everyone; from the fashion conscious to the more traditionally inclined… there were fantastic floats and dancing troops; masquerades…even the equestrians were not left out.

Below is a collection of some of the pictures that were taken during the carnival. This is just a glimpse into my world. Now, wouldn’t you want to plan a vacation to Nigeria?
dsc_0666 dsc_0714

q1018924-12 dsc_1007

dsc_0656 dsc_0688

dsc_0753 dsc_07541

q1018924-385 q1018924-405


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