Friendship – Internet Cafe Devotions

Once again, today we are at the Cafe. I noticed a lot of clicks to and from my blog; people searching for the Internet Cafe Devotions I guess. They were some ‘issues’ last week but I’m happy to say that they are back online now and definitely flying.Kim at the Cafe shared this verse of scripture from the Bible with us:

  • Proverbs 27:6 (New Living Translation)
    Wounds from a sincere friend are better than many kisses from an enemy.

This week’s question is below:

  • So today, I ask you to share a time when a friend may have wounded you by speaking hard words to you, and even though you were hurt you realized it was the best and most loving thing he/she could have done. (If you can share the specifics that would be great, but if not feel free to use generalities).

My brothers are two of my best friends. They never hesitate to tell me the truth as they see it. But there was one particular instance which stands out in my mind.
My cousins had just come to stay with us – two boys. Then two of my other cousins came to visit. So I was the only girl to 6 boys! Suffice it to say that I was almost always yelling about something or the other. They cluttered up the sink and wouldn’t wash the plates. Came into the house with muddied boots! Did any and everything they could to get my hair up. But looking back, I guess maybe it was because I was so easy to tease, I over reacted to everything.

One day, I really cannot remember what exactly happened but I was on one of my yelling sprees again when my immediate younger brother looked me straight in the eye and said you talk too much; no one is going to take you serious. I felt like I had just been socked on my jaw. I am sure there was steam coming out my ears, to say I was furious was an understatement. I was angry because I knew it was true and it hurt me baad. But it also made me think. Till this day, whenever I want to start bawling someone out, I remember what he said that day and I keep my cool.

The words he spoke even though they hurt at the time have helped to keep me from hurting further from carelessly spoke words. They also taught me some self restraint. I guess I still yell sometimes, but if you ever catch me yelling I plead extenuating circumstances.


7 thoughts on “Friendship – Internet Cafe Devotions

  1. This is an important thought. I reckon we all need some ‘truth tellers’ in our lives-even if we think they’re the ‘enemy’. Thanks Sharon for sharing this thought with us.

  2. Olufemi thank you once again for stopping by. Your presence on my blog is precious and your comments invaluable. God bless you!

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