Motherhood – So Ready (Not)

My neighbours’ 3 year old son is haunting me. For some reason, he decided to fall in love with me and has become my self-appointed shadow. This morning he was at my house as early as 6:30 am and clambered onto my bed with me. I had to listen to his constant chat with semi consciousness. He even followed me to my office! Oh, lest I forget, it’s the start of the holiday season here. I had to think of a way to shake him off.

Shaking him off does not mean I don’t like him; he is adorable. I just needed some time to myself. My mum said I needed to get used to it. I disagree. I am not a mum, yet.

One great advantage of being a single lady, besides not being accountable to a husband, is not having to deal withbusy-mom-1 children every second. Once in a while, yes. Every now and then, no problem. 12 hours at a stretch? That is stretching things too far. I know that eventually I would have to get used to toddlers hanging on to my skirts, losing my privacy, even when I go into the bathroom, and learning to multi-task with dexterity. But not yet. I feel bad and so un-African (if there is such a concept), and a bit guilty too, but truly it gets wearying.

Anyway, I sent him home on an errand to his mum. On his way out he informed me that he was coming to see me when he was done. I closed early from work and had to scout around to make sure he was nowhere in sight then I went to my parents’ to hide out. Unfortunately I do not really feel relaxed until I am on my own bed so I snuck out again and made my way covertly towards my house. As I got near my house I relaxed my watchful stance and was actually giving myself a mental pat on the back for being so successful at evading him when there he was. He said he had been knocking on my door. I sighed in defeat.

So here I am on my bed with my laptop. I am typing this with the background sound of Right Here from Brandy’s Departed Album and incessant questions from a curious 3 year old which I am doing my best to ignore. Sigh.

7 thoughts on “Motherhood – So Ready (Not)

  1. LOL, slowly but surely, you WILL get accustomed to it. Maybe this is God’s way of making you ready for a child & a family? Even with a husband, you are going to lose privacy and such as that. And that isn’t always a bad thing. It’s just different. Hang in there… I know the feeling…

  2. taking care of toddlers 24-7 can suck the brain cells right out of your head/…it’s a proven medical fact. Warning signs to watch include irritability, and your mind turning to mush.

  3. Ro you have a point. Hmmm. Honestly it can be frustrating…I had to hide out in my flat today, literally crouch on the floor as he pounded on my door for over 30 mins! Sheesh!! Then I started feeling guilty so I’ll go look for him when it stops raining.

    You know DM, I’m not at all surprised. I once had 3 toddlers 18 months old to 5 years living with me for about 3 months. Then, I knew I was not ready for motherhood!

  4. ….lol…you`re so right!….really we all single ladies had better try to adjust to them now before the real cuties arrive….l once had to spend some time with my niece when she was one and she was a really chatter box….at that age she talks but can hardly hear what she was saying …l made a mistake of talking to her back as if l understood what she was saying….that was the beginning!…..she talks and l must answer back to what l couldnt hear…… when l look back….it was fun but then it wasnt……..thanks dear

    1. Lol, very funny Ola. Poor you. I can just imagine and I don’t know what it is about Toddlers that makes them so determined. She would have insisted you reply her. 🙂 Oh well, now I have my own baby and trust me, it is 110% consuming!

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