10 Things Tuesday

Family: yes, this includes the annoying brothers too. I cannot imagine what my life would be like without them. They nag, pet, scold, praise and even criticize me into shape. Not always pleasant but whatever notions of grandeur I might secretly harbour dissipates as soon as I get home. Sigh

Friends: especially now that my friends are so far away, I appreciate them. They try to keep in touch and even though I have not seen them in a while, I know they have my back.
Sweetheart: I am always thankful for him. He loves me and has no problem showing it. My American and British sisters may not understand that, but if you are African, specifically Nigerian, you know how extraordinary that is.

My new kitten: well, it’s not here yet but it will soon be. I’ve been trying to think up a suitable name; for some reason I just think it will be female. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to wait till it actually gets here but I’m so excited!

Francis and Felicia: these are the two teens I was working with. A few days ago I told them I was not going to work with them any longer (if you want to know why check here). Anyway, I still went on praying for them and I told God if he really wanted me to work with them, he should bring them back. Well, yesterday Francis walked into my flat. He came to ask me not to give up on him. It was a milestone for me; we are not there yet but we are certainly on our way.

The Teenage Girls I’m working with: I write about them often. We just finished the book of Ruth in the Bible and I wanted to know if they understood what we’d studied so I asked them each to give me one life lesson from Ruth and apply it to their lives. I was astonished! I just want to thank God for what he is doing in the lives of these young ladies and also for the lessons I’m learning as I work with them.

Rest Time: I have had two weeks of rest. That is not good for the Guest House because it means there have been no guests; but to be honest, it has been terrific for me! After hosting over 30 people for 2 weeks, I think I deserve the rest.

God’s word: ahh… now that is something to be grateful for ALL the time. However, I was just thumping through the Bible and I got this message that ended up as my Something For The Week post.

The Peace that transcends all logic: I have been going through some stuff that would normally have made me all miserable and morose. It’s funny that I have only told God about it and despite everything, I feel a peace that defies all that is reasonable. I should be sad, or at least feeling ill used and sorry for myself; goodness knows I’ve tried but I just can’t seem to manage it. I have peace and I’m loving it!

God’s fingerprints around me: I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I practically live smack dab in the bosom of nature. It definitely seems that way to me sometimes especially when yesterday, these group of pheasants came almost to my doorstep. I have been looking out for them. They came around my house once but did not stay long. Then last month they came to sand bath at my backyard; unfortunately my camera had run out of battery power then. So imagine my delight when I looked out the window of my kitchen and saw them marching. Of course, before I could get my camera they were long gone; I was only able to get the shot of one and it’s not a very good shot at that. Still, it shows that the Lord’s creatures are everywhere.

Where I live is an ornithologists’ dream. Heaven knows what this bird is but it sure got my attention!


Yay! I’m so proud of myself I actually got to do the Ten Things Tuesday post today. Now let’s hope the internet does not act up. Ten Things Tuesday is a meme which is hosted by Mrs Brownstone. Check it out; it definitely changes your perspective about life.


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