Guest Blogger Series!

microphoneA few days ago, I wrote to a very good older friend inviting him to be a guest blogger on my blog. But I had something very different in mind. He has been a husband for 30 years and a father for 28; he is also a grandfather. Many times I feel as though I am now, on the threshold of my life; I am aware that most of the readers here at reservoir, are on some threshold or the other. So instead of the usual interview questions, this was what I asked:

“Basically, if you had to write to your girls, advising them about life, God and men, what would you say?”

What I got in return was…wow! It was over and beyond what I expected and to crown it all, he said there were two more letters on the way! Three! I was overwhelmed. I have not finished digesting the first and I read it several times. I hoarded it for a while and almost did not share, but I decided it was too good and too valuable to keep to myself. So I will post it here on reservoir. Come back on the 15th of March, 2009 for the first installment. I am going to print it on cardboard papers and give as gifts; I will definitely save one for my daughter (or son). It is one of those letters that will be engraved in the sand of time.

Once again, the post will be up on the 15th of March 2009. You really shouldn’t miss this!


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