Giving Thanks

Today I want to take some time out to give thanks. I used to do it twice each week with Thankful Thursday (TT) and Ten Things Tuesday but I became too busy. I should never be too busy to say ‘thank you’ to the One who makes each day possible so I’ll dedicate today to that.

I sincerely want to thank God for Iris and Thankful Thursday. Even though I have not participated in a long while, it has been a constant source of blessing for me and the friends I have made through TT have been enduring ones. Each day I pray for wisdom. Living on a mission base with people from divergent backgrounds, cultures and educational experiences requires tons of wisdom. However, lately I have had cause to pray even harder for wisdom… As I scrolled through my blog, I glimpsed on the side bar the list of top posts and saw a TT I had done months ago. It was on the Holy Spirit and reading it encouraged me greatly. It has prompted me to go back to my Thankful Thursday posts asap!

Oh and my former assistant came to visit me yesterday. She apologised for the way she left and wanted my forgiveness for any wrong she did me. She also came to confess that while she was working with me she picked some stuff which even though she thought might not be useful but because she took them without permission she wanted forgiveness. Her visit left a bitter-sweet feeling me; I got the impression I might not see her on this side of the world again. Something she said, that she was not long for this world touched me. And she admitted that she was attending a counseling class for HIV/AIDS patients at the mission clinic. So I was right. And I really hate being right about this.dsc00525

I see the hand of God everywhere I look; but most especially in people’s lives and in nature. Even though I live smack dab in the midst of nature, sometimes I forget to take the time out to appreciate it. Which is why when I saw this sunset, I just had to grab my camera and share it here. It’s absolutely beautiful!

I got a visit today from Francis’ dad. (Check this post to learn more about Francis). The man was filled with gratitude; he said he could not believe his son had changed so much. He had found it impossible to control his children and only last year, threw his daughter out of the house. I think he was at the point of doing that with his son. He’s not really a good father, but I believe God has plans for Francis and God does not look at how good or bad out parents are when he wants to work on us.

sweetness in Pink!
sweetness in Pink!

Then I got this lovely bag from my sweetheart. I have not used it yet because it’s so beautiful I’m scared of spoiling it. I don’t know who the makers are though because it does not have any label or anything but isn’t it a darling bag?

I have so much to be grateful for. But I think I’ll stop here for now.


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