Letting Off Steam

Everyone needs a way to de-stress, what is yours? I know some folks meditate, listen to music, write or journal, talk…there are several heard (and unheard) of ways. Sometimes I feel like a steam engine with no way to let out the steam; then I begin to feel like if something does not happen soon, I would explode!

That is how I felt this evening. I was so furious with both my parents I decided to go on a long walk to cool my temper. 30 minutes later as I sat on a rock, looking down a stream and listening to the dreams and fears of a lovely 15 year old lady, I felt the steam dissipate.

Back in my flat, I was thankful for nature and the calm I was feeling. I thought it might have been the rocks or maybe even the stream responsible for that calm. Writing this however, I am beginning to realise that it was re-directing my attention away from me to another person that calmed me. Hmmm…imagine that. So what about you; what de-stresses you?


3 thoughts on “Letting Off Steam

  1. sometimes, letting off steam requires actually expressing your frustration to the person responsible. that doesn’t always work though. walking away from the causative factor (human or otherwise) is usually the first step for me. any kind of distraction could follow…praying,playing the piano and singing…praying especially

  2. letting off steam for me is just to get out of the house, to walk or cycle or run anywhere. At first my anger will die down and then i start to think more calmly about the situation.

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